[ENG] RIVA ISEO – Review – The Boat Show

[ENG] RIVA ISEO – Review – The Boat Show


wwwAIKIDOat says:

how much?

matt k says:

beautiful car and boat, i need both

Grey Rooster says:

Grey Rooster Style!

reaktor55 says:

10:21 this guy has a truly yolo driving style…

EPNER Istres says:

Poor design, because it doesn’t even have a touch of the aquarama or the aquarama cockpit. Even the original gauges with blue scaling are missing. Instead an everage and shitty 21st Century Aluminum Design Cockpit is installed. Thanks to Feretti. You cannot buy Style when you always think global. Carlo Riva wouldn’t do so if he were still young…. Shame on Feretti what they do to the riva brand!!

Pat Rigdon says:


Maurizio P. says:

Grande prodotto Italiano, solo per pochi eletti, costruita con una qualità inarrivabile per tutti gli altri, ancora oggi una Riva Acquarama del 1966 vale piu’ di 400,000€, voi non capite un cazzo di qualità, fate pena con le vostre case di legno e cartongesso, le vostre auto orribili fatte di ferraglia e motoroni inguidabili, e le vostre barche di plastica, non sapete nemmeno cosa significano le parole, “qualità”, “eleganza”, “stile”, “storia”, “arte”, “passione”, voi costruite “motoscafi”, noi costruiamo i “RIVA”, ci sono dei compratori che l’hanno acquistata solo per tenerla in esposizione, perchè è un “RIVA”, non un motoscafo, fate silenzio di fronte ad una delle TANTE eccellenze Italiane.

Marko Stevanovic says:

If the boats were women, this would be Helen Of Troy… art

biemtrap says:

This video has audio problems.

E. M. Torres says:

Riva, which is the smallest model you make, and does any of the inboards sounds like a Donzi.
I’m planning to purchase a small Donzi, to be used on Lake Champlain , VT.

GoMiGman says:

“Design of incomparable beauty”?  I strongly disagree with that very narrow minded observation.  While I think the Italian boats are the most beautiful and well designed and most desirable of all (and I speak for myself especially when I say the most desirable) such as the Azimut and Ferretti line, but when it comes to wood boats and especially runabouts, sports and sportabouts and even yacht tenders, Hacker Craft and Chris Craft offer the finest mahogany boats from long standing American boat builders in those two traditions.  So I would certainly, strongly disagree with that statement.  I don’t really find anything particularly exciting about this Riva with the exception of the anchor, really.  Sorry. 

iivisiootti says:

It looks like to have a problem with her dynamic stability. Design category B up to 4 m wave heights and beaufort 8 winds? Very Beautiful styling though.

MarineDirectory.net says:

Beautiful lines.

wwwAIKIDOat says:

how much?

TheDevineKoi says:

Sounds missing… like often

Станчо Николов says:

Where is agent 007 ?

Frédéric MEUNIER says:

Pas mal…mais il n’y a plus les vibrations des moteurs v8 de l’aquamara…et le bruit de l’echappement libre…a présent tout est aseptisé

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