[ENG] RIVAMARE – 4K Resolution – The Boat Show

Rivamare is the latest offering from Riva. It’s a stupendous boat, a work of art in both style and beauty. Here’s the test we did as well as a tour round the boat, check out the how it drives and the performance!

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Susan Vue says:

Gorgeous boat.  Mahogany is much more pleasing to the eye than fiberglass or carbon fiber.

V LS says:

These Italians are the best at combining luxury, prestige, and performance.

Patrick Wilson says:

Although it is big it still feels as though it is smaller then what it actually is hence the reason I am wanting to sell but its driving capabilities is something to behold as wells as all the extras

hunter6719 says:

It would make a great dinghy

Amedeo Ottolenghi says:

Italian style is the top

shayson1357 says:

1 million euros ?

Ms. Eel says:

That’s how I feed my eel

IanObzi says:

Absolutely stunning in every way, if I had the money I would buy Riva and probably this one.

miklu26 says:

love the italian passion

Ryan says:

This boat is $1,000,000 in US Dollars!

John Falzon says:

real nice line. May I know the cost, please/

MovieMuscle says:

“The shape of the bow has been designed to cut through the water”. Ummm, did you just really say that.. who approved this narration script?

Samuel Keho says:

shut up and take my money

Eric s says:

37 knots lol my Bayliner can beat it and I do not have to own a child labour manufacturing plants or be a Columbian drug lord or corrupt politician on second thought any politician.

Francisco Antonio says:

very nice!!! very good video quality as well !

Mazigh DEHNI says:

Ulysses mega yacht 3:35

Korina korinnaa says:

740 000$

Jalil Sarkis says:

please review the riva Domino 88 super

Tore Hansen says:

Great channel and very informative and well done video’s

Mister Bean says:


galiathen says:

I now have purpose

The Cisco Kidd says:

OMG what a beautiful masterpiece!! Something I will never own, lol still awesome!!

Danny Murphy says:

How attainable are these boats? I’m wondering if this example is over a million..

Cliff Lee says:

Is that Ulysses in the background? The one I think kleven made that has ice breaker rating?

Knut Albrecht says:

It is not a trick it is a Riva. Simply beautiful. 🙂

MrPCT007 says:

@ 5:46. Looks like a colmbus40 hybrid in the background.

Alex Saveahoe says:

How much for this one ? 350,000 usd ?

Sean Frashier says:

I work at a marina. having to catch that boat on a dock would stress me out so much.

林俊傑 says:


Mr. L says:


65ANDRE says:

what happens when you’re out at see and it rains, and does so for a while?

pezzonovante888 says:

Beautiful boat.

DAM8658 says:

Based on what I saw, I was thinking over €1 million. Great price. Fabulous boat.

Guillermo Minuto says:


Jeff inToronto says:

Under powered for a heavy 36 foot runabout.  37 knots before you load it up with gear, provisions and people is sort of underwhelming for a boat that cost nearly a million.

chazz LUCAS says:

I think she is absolutely beautiful …..The Italians really are at the top of the transportation design biz….. Am i stereotyping ??

DG O says:

Boat porn! Filth pure filth, arrrrggggghhhhh! I want one sooooo much.

Eric s says:

A beautiful boat that only the very privileged will get to use.

oh damn its that guy says:

James Bond would love this boat, Does it have the Ferrari price tag too?

dphotos says:

Very classy boat even there wood boats made in the 60’s are cool. A restored Riva can be very expensive to buy.

Charlex Barrison says:

Luxury and renowned Italian design, but… it needs to be equipped with the best Yamaha’s​ engines to be perfect boat. Only Yamaha is truly reliable and powerful!

systemspm says:

So many cool features and I feel like we could have seen even more

Sean O says:

Get a Magnum and quadruple the power.

Lindholmer5k says:

Its nice to see there is still boats of this kind being made, that isnt speedmonsters

Cobb Knobbler says:

I’ll tell you about MY small mahogany pole.

Craig Berman says:

Class act!

nightofshanghai says:

What a beautiful boat.

FloridaRaider says:

amazing boat

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