[ENG] YAMAHA V8 425 XTO – Review Outboard Engine – The Boat Show

Exclusive full review of the amazing new Yamaha Outboard Engine V8 425 XTO
By Maurizio Bulleri
The Boat Show


Rob Lee47 says:

Over weight Garbage………..

S v says:

Don’t you just wish this dude can come with you the next time you go to buy and outboard for your boat. With all his scientific numbers and measures for the perfect prepeler and engine size and make ect

Putin The Great says:

400l/h burning gold.Nice try Yamaha but no thanks

Andrew Leonard says:

not true. the 627 is the highest horsepower engine mass produced

Island Aerial says:

One would be nice…

Linda Sweeting says:


Muzza Moose says:

Too many motors plus all that extra weight.Go 2 stroke man.

Major Tom999 says:

so he drives a 32 cylinder 😉 not bad man

Shannon Zittlow says:

Toyota v8?

Robert Bradley says:

What a ridiculous boat. $200K in just engines!!!!

Sailing Catamaran Diving Adventures says:

I stopped watching at 400 Litres per hour!

hugo max says:

Four outboards look odd.

Khalifa Ruach says:

الله يستر انشالله

Ron McCaffrey says:

What would the equivalent weight be for a pair of diesel engines with 1,700 HP?

zzztubazzz says:

this engine cost $7,000 very nice

High Velocity says:

It seems sluggish.  Is there any steps in the hull ??  Watch the 57 MTI with 4-400R’s this guy tested.  It’s like night and day on the speed, he hit close to 60 mph with a larger boat and 100 less HP.

G Howard says:

This is getting silly

Jamie_Travel_Vlogs says:

Yesssss!!!!! Very good review which everyone’s been waiting for !!!!! But, I must ask, you have been lacking in RIB videos recently, and there have been many new releases; there’s this brand called Wimbi Boats which looks to be very good, you should look at this!!

Dil Lee says:

With Motors like that , won’t you get away with only 2 ?

توفيق بن جميعه says:

Unbelievable and wonderful….
Very nice job….

Cody Mcclain says:

Seven marine has a super chargered lsx v8 making 625hp

Jay Dahl says:

Great review, but I seriously doubt if that long skinny hull is very stable. Any attempt at high speed maneuvering would probably capsize the whole thing, and those beautiful engines would end up in Davy Jones’ locker.

DedElec says:

At 15 meters… Is there any advantage to this boat being a RIB? it looks like the only part touching the water is solid anyway

S Lit says:

Hell no it’s not Efficient….You don’t put 4 425 HP motors on back for Efficiency….

Inah Dennis says:

Wow..this is speed at it top.

asiaangelica zago says:

Che bella

Ben Davis says:

What’s terrible boat.

Иван Серьян says:

Вот чушька! Падла

thomasautos36 says:

If you use that boat with those 4 engines here close to the strait of Gibraltar police and coastguard would chase you every time you leave a harbour. Looks like a smuggler-boat with cabin!!!

TiberiumKANE says:

seven marine has more power and they are on a 53 fot open console boat

σωτηρης παπαδομαλοκοσπαρακης says:

a sailboat is better 4 lt/hour at speed of 8 knots and you have a house with you on dock.

Chuck Beef says:

I can hardly keep gas in my old 2002 Yamaha 80 four stroke after a day of walleye fishing. (4) 425hp engines lol.

Le Chandler says:

Sounds like they are trying to equal E-Tek’s technology.

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