[ENG] ZF Marine for Seven Marine – Hydrasports Custom 53 Sueños Review – The Boat Show

The largest and most powerful outboard engine in the world is built by Seven Marine, a small, one of a kind, American company. For the transmission, they turned to ZF Marine which produces a very special hydraulic and electronic controlled gearbox able to endure 627 horsepower! Let’s see the performance of the biggest outboard of the world!

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Gilad Gur says:

Well done again Sir.
The video is interesting and professional. Thank you.

Propane and propane accessories says:

Small one of a kind “american” company.. Yet the guy is speaking another language hah!

Paul Mahy says:

Only 54 knots??? For that amount of fuel burn I’d want alot more.

Mauro Pontello says:

Sarebbe bello vederlo in italiano

T. Howard says:

Santa Maria! Four Corvette Z06 engines in outboards?!! Hahaha, Hunter Thompson, you would have loved this…

Pierfrancesco Compagnucci says:

Quando esce il video in italiano?

Cobb Knobbler says:

This makes a top gun Cigarette seem economical. Can you imagine how much those motors must drink?

G Howard says:

Excellent video. Nicest Center Console ever made.

HarlemGlobeRotter says:

54 knots is not a lot for over 2500hp.

DL says:

FWIW, 7 Marine isn’t an ‘small American’ company any more.
They were recently bought by Volvo Penta, ostensibly as a manufacturing platform to get VP back into outboards.

jim ryks says:

Does it come in a tiller, I have a 690T Ranger

Dwreck Baker says:

So its a supercharged LS7 based chevy

Cobb Knobbler says:

trolling? hahahaha Yea, I’m sure this boat will do a lot of low speed trolling.

Paulie W says:


TheCrazymi says:

Dai!! Il video in italiano!!

Ian Moone says:

80k / motor?
Looking to replace a pair of year 2000 Honda BF 115’s that weigh 230 kilos each so 460 kilos all up, so I could just get away with 1 of these 7 Marine engines, weight wise, and have almost 3 times my current 230Hp.
Tempting, but that $80K US will translate to $104K Aus! yikes!
Pretty sure I can almost get away with a pair of 300 Hp Outboards weight wise for similar HP & cost about half the Seven Marine OB cost!
Am familiar with ZF Marine transmissions from commercial work boats & they have a pretty good reputation for longevity.
Be interesting to know what the fuel range would be with my existing 86 USA Gallon fuel tank capacity with just one of those engines on the back!
Also what WOT speed I’d get out of the 28 ft pilot house weighing about 5500 pounds, with the single Seven Marine OB?
So many questions!

G Howard says:

This guy knows what he is talking about.

MostEvilRogue says:


Mark Hernandez says:

But will it get me laid?

Luis Puig says:

This man has the best job in the world.

Brandon Murphy says:

tons of power loose through that gear set

Full Throttle Fishing Team says:

It’s Hydrasports not hydro

HKM _ says:

What is “very efficient” ?

Canyon Duncan says:

Please review the Hydrosport 53 Sueños Center Console Boat.
There are not really any videos of it reviewed or shows its performance.

Gerhard Kutt says:

When you have no care in the world how much fuel a boat burns … bliss …
The fact that this engines with all its power still has a really inefficient lower unit. If they followed Suzuki with a just a slight bullet nose lower unit, they would improve speed by at least 5 kts … The standard lower unit design has not changed in over 50 years. The hull – wow – inefficient … too bad. Power always makes up for that though.

John Lundgren says:

I happen too know that having quad 627’s is going too run around 320,000 dollars just for the engines,the boat with its current 750 gallon fuel tank.the boat alone is close too 1 million dollars.too fill that tank will run around 3,000 dollars. this boat is not made for the average Fisherman,or anyone on this planet.LOL

conantdog says:

Interesting Technologies interesting design too bad it’s only for the wealthy and the elite in this world, toys for Rich boys.

louisluigi says:

Who gives a fuck about fuel efficiency with a boat with 4 engines, which is as inefficient as it gets, what a joke

James Ritchie says:

Awesome but is it Ferrari or a fishing boat?

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