Florida Sportsman Best Boat – Cats of All Types

Catamarans continue to grow in popularity due to their stable, easy-to-plane hull configuration. The hull is known for its rough water capabilities, but if you’re looking for a fishing boat that easily doubles as a family boat, you’ll want to check these cats out. In this episode we feature three types of cats: World Cat 320CC Center Console, World Cat 230 DC Dual Console, Glacier Bay Edition 2740.


William Brown says:

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Kaptain Hook says:

This isn’t cats of all types its cats offered by world cat…… What about Calcutta, Freeman, Americats… Those are fishing cats not a bs cat from World Cat.

balerman2594 says:

And world cat restricts horsepower but freeman says whatever you want to put have fun

BlackFLHTG says:

Damn Rick, Buy yourself larger shirts. With that red shirt, you look like the Michelin Man. Like you have 3 tubes one above the other.

nutnfancy says:

Super well done video and information. Thank you, watched the whole thing.

Jesse jesse says:

you’re not going to get a negative review from either current sponsors or potential future sponsors, they pay the bills and salaries,….but, they were pretty honest in this show. Cats really are awesome machines and their advantages are pretty much as they described. I lived in Fl. for a long time and have been on lots of v-hulls and a few cats and I liked the cats better. I noticed the guys with the deep-v’s that I went out with seemed to like to remind you of how fast their boats were and how “serious” their boats were. Seemed more the type that liked to let everyone know they were manly type men whereas the cat-owners I went fishing with were more just regular guys. Kind of like the men in Georgia where I live now, the macho assholes seem drawn towards the big loud, lifted trucks, that are seemingly never actually in mud or dirt, always shiny for some reason?

Pete Kapinos says:

It’s a world cat commercial!

alberto espinosa says:

And Freeman?????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Daniel Hade says:

very good

Jessica R says:

Do you feel the wind effects them more than a typical hull, as far as drifting, trolling, etc?

Chase Livingston says:

Hard to imagine a “best boats” catamaran edition without a Freeman.

Fishing4 Fun says:

Strange…. I was talking with a guy yesterday that has a cat. He told me the cat rides a lot better and a lot smoother. But he told me his cat rolls a lot more at rest in seas

Shawn Weed says:

This was great…The 23 looks perfect for our coastal GA waters…One thing they never mention in these reviews is the cost…what the 23 go for…?

csrgatorfan says:

10:17. That’s one heck of a “transom”.

Chandler Krogh says:

Cannot believe that a freeman is not in this category….

Mark Russer says:

perhaps I am missing something here, but the absence of joystick control seems odd? I would think such an awesome seeming group of boats would have this feature. or maybe it is there but they didn’t think it worth highlighting?

Roman P says:

Located in Florida can move boats up to 45 ft let me 215 869 5060

Cinema-Nomad says:

Should of cut out the “Well”s in post.

balerman2594 says:

Your right they picked two world cats instead of getting one freeman

Mark Shark says:

Need to review FREEMAN CATS

Omer Bakir says:

we went fishing on a 26 ft Glacier Bay in choppy waters off South Miami and it was quite comfortable. Caught a few Remora and a puffer but had a lot of fun. Boat is huge and much more comfy than a monohaul same or bigger size.

9929kingfish says:

Big boy acts like he’s an experienced fisherman


get rid of this stupid fucking music

balerman2594 says:

And i like world cat because they make them in north carolina where i live

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