LEGO Technic 42089: Power Boat In-depth Review, Speed Build & Parts List [4K]

Chapters for your convenience:
00:36 – box and unboxing
02:12 – parts list
02:23 – speed build
04:00 – functions
04:29 – impressions
06:30 – final note

‘LEGO Technic 42089: Power Boat’ Unboxing, Parts List, Speed Build & In-depth Review by Sariel’s LEGO Workshop

Review, unboxing, parts list and speed build of the LEGO Technic 42089: Power Boat set | Released: 2019. Pieces: 174. Building time: 20 minutes. Price: 14.99€.

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Excellent Engineering says:

My issue with water vehicles is that most do not float and the electrics would probably die if used in water

Chong Jiun Kit says:

Please do a review for 42095 B model.

Michał Orłowski says:

6:18 new hamster?

Fredrik Lundgren says:

Pretty interesting most of these technic sets if not all was released in November here in Sweden in most bigger stores.

Miłosz Antas says:

4:14 to jest recenzja 42089 a nie 42092

Paul Lewis says:

Happy New year!

macbeth2354 says:

2:08 what’s a Bouy? The sticker says Anchor Bouy but I remember it being called a buoy?

Jack PD brick world says:

wow nice set!

brat stali says:

Kupiłem książkę – było warto

Bernhard says:

6:13 Zoolander reference?

Lego Man 12345 12345 says:

I prefer the studded beam aera of LEGO Technic

Johann Low says:

Usually water vehicles do not have much playibility

Ibrahim Kennar says:

When you’re going to review the tracked loader? Waiting for it. Thanks.

Dominik says:

Nice Review


The box is small but thicc

tamas lapsanszki says:

Yeah, too few functions. Could’ve added a rudder and perhaps and opening compartment. Seems a bit unfinished, as if it’s an additional vehicle in a bigger set (like the mining truck in 42053)

Hunor Humorzsák says:

Review the ucs millenium falcon ,the biggest one xd

Илья Ремов says:

I love how the newer sets get more and more of the fencing antenna pieces! It’s crazy how this part went from being exclusive and sought-after to commonsight

Pulsar says:

Is that… the extended Mathologer intro?

Onat _ says:

I have always had mixed feelings about Technic water vehicles. They look cool yes but lack functionality most times. They are not really good at neither playability nor displaying.

LegoMaster 101 says:

For those who like the first song here it is

Jachu PL says:

Fajna ta motorówka, teraz czekać na dostępne instrukcje b-modelów i na recenzje najlepszego Legotubera we wszechświecie 😉

paul Spencer says:

Plz do the b-model. Liked the new music

Yolarist says:

A larger power boat would be nice, but with more functions and better looks.

picup 30296 says:

Notice for you guys:you can’t watch at 4K until a fewhours,or even days later after the video has been publish.

E of D says:

Too few functions, but it has nice shaping. Also, as always, great review Sariel. I always know that every one of your videos is great content.

The Laughing Burger says:

Nice video sariel, but I have a few questions. 1 (I’m sorry if you get this a lot.) are you gonna do a room reveal? 2. What do you do with LEGO kits that you no longer like/ you want the parts, not the kit? 3 (not realy a question) the propeller on the a model probs were meant to be a rudder/ propeller combo. 4 how many pets do you have?

JooLek 33 says:

How do you not have 1,000,000 subscribers!? You deserve way more subscribers! I find all of your videos cool and funny, keep up the good work Sariel! =D

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