Noise of Tickfaw 2017 Volume III

It’s been a couple months since we got back from Tickfaw, but something we won’t forget isn’t what we saw but what we heard. There’s nothing better than hearing the power from the engines on display. Watch and listen in the last of our three part series.

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J Doe says:

Nothing like spending a thousand bucks for fuel and getting a couple hours of running it before filling it up again.

bluesharp59 says:

Nice video and a thumbs up.

krzysztof kilu says:

Sweet !!

Frederiksted St. Croix says:

These are the best Rap albums of all time. Make some noise baby

papa bits says:

Now that’s music on a video

Corey Molinari says:


Ridewithpassion riderideride says:

The engine starter of the third boat sounds exactly like “Flipper”.

Jay Anderson says:

Buy a ski boat instead. More practical!!

Pandicórnio picanha says:


thrillamoe50 says:

what kind of boat was that at 0:36? I’ve never seen a cat with the front open for seating. Thanks

Otto Stierlitz says:

What a fucked up, scared intro sound. Piss off, moron. Take you vids and piss off

Jordan Schmidt says:

Name of song?

Bryce lundeen says:

Sweet sound

maniacatthecontrols says:

Perfect. No talking, no music. Wish the TV companies could learn this skill.

Susan Vue says:

Enjoy your privilege while you can – New Democrat Socialist-Islamist in Congress will soon be seizing luxury property from capitalist

Millan Mulder says:


Vishnu Paidama Avinash says:

Cool boats

Moe American says:

1:10 Must be amateur hour.


Those boats are really cool to listen to and fun to ride on but if you’re the one paying for the fuel you quickly realize it’s a giant hunk of shit…

Voo Doo1 says:

Why, in America, are cars left hand drive, and retarded ass boats are still right hand drive????

J Doe says:

The two best days of owning a boat
The day you buy it.
The day you sell it.

007mrmrbig says:

Any recommendations on where to buy a sweet power boat ? I live in South Florida….But I can travel anywhere if you recommend a hot place

toben42 says:

Real men drive big block boats!

D Rock says:

0:36. I hope he knows why he’s struggling a bit. He was departing right?

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