Powerboating In Paradise 2014 Ep3 (2 of 4) “Key West Poker Run 2013, Part 3”

Powerboating In Paradise TV 2014 Series, Episode #3 “Key West Poker Run 2013, Part 3.” YouTube Segment 2 of 4


SonicScooter says:

Too much music, too much talking….Americans can’t do anything right….shut up on the noise and listen to the darn boats.

rich r says:

Does anyone know what these guys do for a living to afford these super expensive boats?  I want one and need to know what they do for a living so I can do what they do.  Please respond!!!

Rıdvan Kurumer says:

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A P Developments says:

I wonder how many gallons per hour they burn. Gulp!

les faust says:

still  2 much talking  and not enough engine….  wtf  …lol……….

Darth vader says:


Jesper Andersson says:

Anyone have more info on the black boat at 0:17?

Anthony Santo says:

Albert Haynesworth was weighing that boat down big time. Too much stress that one of the Mercury Verados blew up. I bet if he was not on that boat it’d do at least 25 more knots LOL.

Drew Withington says:

Sliced manatee anyone?

reubs91 says:

What’s the point of this?

mohd amin says:

ya bot yang power patut orang beli pakai

Offshorejojo Jo Jo says:

On list things to do before I die!LOL!Nice run!

Jason Argone says:

Wow, they probably used more gas in this run than I used in a couple months of driving my Toyota

Offshorejojo Jo Jo says:

I have pictures of most of these boats in Key west!nice boats

Florian Martigny says:

your black diamond boat is awsome

Fredrik E says:

Yeahh… fuck carbon footprint and global heating lies. I heard it´s a lie that there´s life in water anyways! If there is I don´t care cos I don´t see it at 100 knots. Actually, anything that conflicts with my personal interests are lies!!!

John Falzon says:

The Black Cat is great.


LOL.. Life is Ruff

Jake Johnson says:

dam those are some good looking boats

O K says:

How many manatees were killed in the making of this video?

sikwitIt69 says:

I just wanna be rich

Matthew Chamberlain says:

awesome boats ,but wth is with all those shots of boats hauling ass and some people standing that don’t even have on life vests ? and then the girls sitting on top of the back rest and holding onto the the cabover ? Out here they would cite you for all of that ! the famous athlete with his feet over the side ? shaking my head – lol

Ferhat Can says:

Yasiyonuz bu hayati mayklar

Dances with Kitty Cats says:


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