Ranger Aluminum Boats RT 198 P One Year Boat Review

This is my one-year boat review on my Ranger RT 198 P. I go over the good the bad and the ugly of this boat in a real review. I am not paid by Ranger, my dealer or anyone for my views on this boat.
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Bill reid says:

definately love my 198P, super easy to do your own maintenance and winterizing as well****

Adventure Fishing says:

Cool boat but i need room for trolling 🙂

Central Coast Bass says:

Nice review, like the plus and minus views. Keep it honest.

James Wilson says:

Good video lousy music

chunkybuttz says:

I really like the clip system. Will be installing those for sure

Daniel Cloud says:

I have the 2018 red rt198p. I absolutely agree about the paint that’s got to be my biggest complaint. It scratches and chips so easily. My buddy has the new tracker and the paint job is night and day compared to are rangers. But that’s all they got on us lol. Good video thanks for sharing I should have some video up soon on mine of all the upgrades I’ve done and how.

predrag vukosavic says:

Really nice toy, now its time to buy a real ranger boat for big water…

Ladybass says:

Let me know when your selling it ;P

i Bee Amazin says:

Have you seen the new Vexus line up? Are you interested in checking out the AVX1980 since it would compete with the RT198P. I like the shape of them, more traditional.

KamoKreature 12 says:

If you don’t fish FLW or MLF and you drop 70k on a boat your momma birthed a brainless retard

Team Jesus Outdoors says:

The video turned out great! Great job on the drone footage and the edit!

Trevor Alexander says:

Love these boats. Saw one at my local dealer gently used for $19,000. I wan’t it so bad, but since I’m in college I can’t afford it. It would be a big set up from my 1999 bass tracker 175 with a 40hp mercury. It surprised me a lot how wide these boats are which is what I like the best in addition to all the storage options.

Lamar Cantrell says:

I have a 2018 like yours and would like to know what prop. you are running? Thanks very much.

Robert Knorr says:

Enjoyed video. Am seriously considering the 198p, when I sell my Bay Boat. My brother runs the big fiberglass Rangers for years, and loves them. I have fished with him many times on Lake Okeechobee in Fl., and the boat handles great and rides good. You mention big water, how does this boat ride in “rough “ water, say 1-2 ft. Chop. In a light ripple or chop, does the boat actually get up on the “pad” of the hull. I know it will not ride as well as my Key West Bay Reef, 20ft, buy we do get wind on the Harris Chain and 1-2ft waves, just hate to have to idle 5 miles back to the ramp if it gets a little rough ? I keep looking at the 18ft Crestliner because of the Huge front deck, is the 198p wide enough for two people to fish from ? Appreciate any assistance you can give.

Midge Barker says:

I would love to Crappie fish out of it at this price point.

stephsfishing says:

Awesome Video. Thanks. Thinking really hard about this boat. I’m out here in the California delta and I’m wondering how does the 198P handle chop and rough waters? I know st. clair can get pretty tough probably similar to the CA Delta. It also gets windy here. I’d really appreciate your input on this.

Brian Eisenman says:

I love how in general bass fisherman keep all of their things nice. Guy’s boat and truck are super clean. The video was even excellent quality. Just a good community all around!

Lawrence Lavander says:

How’s that boat handle bigger water? Especially when it gets choppy and rollers?

Arcasting says:

Great video! Like how you didn’t drag it out too long. I will film on that boat one day!

mike dove says:

Nice video and boat.  Just a couple of questions ,  how do you think this compares to the vexus? , any wishes that I had a 200 capable  speed ok in tournaments? would , if you had to do it again , go without the carpet? Thanks

Raff says:

What was the cost

Joshua Adams says:


F D says:

Cool thanks for the review! Also what are some other details about this model i.e. length and price for a package like that? And perhaps why you decided to go with ranger as opposed to say tracker, nitro, or lund in a comparable size? Really enjoy the videos and always look forward to them!

Brandon Lathrop says:

like the boat review Justin and I was just at rose today with my dad again getting more oil for our etec’s lol and do you know some pretty decent spot for walleye and pike after the flies has started up and the weeds are getting tall and I also remember that day I met and talked to you at rose when your battery blew up and we had kicker problems lol and that is running great now

Chris Klingman says:

How much has the speed dropped off. New vs now?

Nathan Perry says:

Is it a mod v?

Tropical Polar bear says:

I’m from Arkansas I fish a lot of areas with a lot of stumps do you have a problem with the aluminum boat not wanting to slide off as easy as a fiberglass boat

Aaron Trotter says:

How does it handle on big water and wind?

Mike Nelson says:

Who makes those cull clips?

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