Safehaven Marine Barracuda review – Motor Boat & Yachting

Editor Hugo conducts the most extreme test that Motor Boat & Yachting has ever done. Taking on 5m rollers off the tip of southern Ireland in a fully armed military assault craft.

Read the full report in the February 2016 issue of the magazine.

Filmed and edited by Lester McCarthy –

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BEARsigp229 says:

Coolest boat of all time!

utubefields says:

Does he mention that at about 12 minutes, a few seconds before, the radar gets knocked off?

Bob Bomatic says:

Mat Du Port………that was HYSTERICAL!

gerard haubert says:

Are there any plans for a non-stealth, unarmed commercial version?

smhero says:

if only luxury yachts were built this strong, I’d buy one to live on.

Gareth Rogers says:

Who is going to buy/put an order in for these?

Dermot Murphy says:

How much would a typical version cost? What range do the tanks give you, top speed in good condition?

John Doe says:

You can buy these in Texas.

Splitter S says:

what engine is in that thing? scania or volvo penta…..

roger white says:

seems pretty quiet, would make it great for rescue

moonsalam says:


Del Fam says:

“I’m pleased to say these aren’t real” what a anti-gun lil faggot cuck.

Jon G says:

Seriously how long could anyone stand that motion with the snap at the bottom? I can practically hear vertebrae being crushed.

Marcelo F. Rossi says:

Só faltou prender direito a antena do radar que saiu voando na última onda.

Conor Saunders says:

The water is green because us irish people like to dye it green

Jerry Lentz says:

Never mind. I just watched a video where its self-righting capability was tested. Very impressive!

Soldier53flyer says:

You broke the radar off! Nice job!!! LOL

Marcel Boeltjes says:

what an ugly vessel……ugly but impressive

Echo Productions says:

Last time I took my drone over water I went out and chased a bunch of boats, I didn’t notice till afterwards that there was a whale in my video lol, check out my latest video. That’s and amazing boat btw

Andy Casbo says:

Rock solid boat , make a rock solid radar as well

Wilson Peralta says:

Norsafe munin S1200 is better.

1 yachtcarpenter says:


James haury says:

included in the price.

Ruiqi Mao says:

Frank: straight-man of the year?

Andreas Giannikas says:

at 11:32 they lost the radar ???!!!!!

Anwarul karim says:

This one is just for military use, right?

tayb5oh4 says:

The driver just wants you to stop talking. You’re just rambling on..and on. You repeated the same facts over five times.

Jerry Lentz says:

I have just one major question. Is it self-righting? Can you roll it like the old Coast Guard 44-footers?

Adrien Rassat says:

U have to see the trailer the manufacturer made for the boat – its like a fucking Toy R Us commercial for an RC toy – it’s so stupid. IDK who in their right minds thought they could sell this junk to any military with such a trailer… thought a “terms and conditions – battery not included” voice was gonna sound at the end of the trailer. And didn’t the radar just fall off??? So much for a “stealthy war boat”. I have just lost faith in humanity…

kd8poi says:

I mean, its cool an everything – except for the radar falling off- but who needs a stealth boat with a gun platform? The only private owners who’d want one are drug dealers – or maybe a billionaire with an island that needs security.

Learn To Love Yourself says:

All I can say is, you have massive balls going out in the ocean in those conditions, I’d rather die than do that.

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