SKYTECH H100 Racing Boat Review – [Water Run, Pros & Cons]

Enjoy my review of the SkyTech H100 racing boat. Get the H100 Here:

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Dustin Dunnill
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Will fpv says:

Dustin Dunnill hi Dustin I just wanted to ask is there any need to prime the motor to brake it in on these toy grade speedboat

Destruction Production says:

What scale

Videos de motos Motos says:

Nice video

John Wedrall says:

thorough video and nice run ! cool !

didactylos4 diddy4 says:

That’s quite impressive for a toy boat and at a good price too.
If only someone made a slow displacement boat for the same price (for us older kids)

chloeclarie brian says:


Tomislav Kroflin says:

This or wltoys wl915? Is wl915 worth 50$ more?

sutima medinelli says:

Hi , my boat stop working after a day seems to have no power any idea of how to fix this

Linda Turley says:

been trying to get a responce to my question about racing two of the same boat. I think they r on the same frequency and will not race each other.

wecrms 2006 says:

Would you help me? my rc boat h100 is new and does not work. the remote control does not communicate with the boat and does not do any command.what should i do

Devil God says:

its awsome i buy it in amazon for 39€

The Rc Hunter says:

Just bought this for my channel £29 looks a awesome little boat….

Thijs fpv says:

if you tape the edges of the canopy off it will help a lott too

Skydive Driver says:

Ok put wings on it now. lol

Michael Cherubini says:

That is so cool! Here I’m building models that cost thousands and things like this are out there. Neat!

keygan versfeld says:

nice video like always keep it up

Márcio Schittler says:

Maybe the radio can be modded for a better range?
PS: Nice video, as always!

mrpcrepairs says:

Turn probs are caused by ofset rudder

NEO IS PRO says:

awesome boat i love it…….

DroneCarnage 999.999.999 views says:

I like it and the vid

chloeclarie brian says:


chloeclarie brian says:


Michael Jessop says:

It would be funny if a fish ate it

Ltecnic Drones en español y rc says:

very nice boat cool video like

Nancy Wehmeyer says:

hey can you do a review on the Upair one drone,so many mixed reviews and I just c wanted to get your input

Santiago Colindres Solera says:

Donde puedo comprar repuestos para este modelo

Fox ataz says:

when are you gonna give away the mini drone with the camera

Make It Mike says:

Mine wont turn right? Did you have this problem? The servo seems bad

DeathsHead1980 says:

Grabbed this boat up a few months ago, thanks to you Dustin Dunnill! I love it, been running it on the rivers and lakes here in Virginia. Been thinking of trying it in brackish or even saltwater. Would you happen to know how the inner workings holds up to those types of water?

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