The Best Boat Cover Review Video Ever Made

Florida fishing girl Darcizzle shows you HOW TO put on her new boat cover and gives a quick review. Keep your boat clean, dry, and protected with these great semi-custom covers.

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Pakaloha bikini:

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Reed Rothchild says:

I’m ordering one and I don’t even own a boat.

Vicky Vanderzee says:

Darcie, I love you guys! I watch every time you have a new video. You look awesome, and your man makes great drone videos. Check out my channel. If you are ever in NC, let me know. I would love to film you guys fishing with Capt. O’Neal out of Ocracoke. He catches even when no one else is. I’ve been out with him 2 or 3 times and I would love to go with you guys just to video both of you fishing. It would be the bomb. Let me know if you are ever interested in something like that. Keep up the great work! Keep chasing your dream, and keep on catching!

Bemjamin Goode says:

Is the boat cover universal

BigRed Made In America says:

thanks good video. I’m just doing some searching for a boat cover for my 17ft ragin cajun 164. how do you like your sea deck?

Jacob Rogers says:

Will the “cover bag” fit over the outboard?

TheHoneySeeker says:

huh? what boat cover. you are not an object. you are a person. you are not an object. you are a person. Tan lines gurl.

desert1cop says:

Make some ribs to go under it with pvc pipe and connectors and the rain will run off,theres some videos on YouTube to show you how.

beefmelt says:

I chuckled when I saw the title. I couldn’t resist watching this video. Lol, Miss Darcie.

Joe SixPack says:

I don’t even own a boat and I’m watching a video on a boat cover. Look what you’ve done to me….

John McC says:

Is it fireproof?

yakamo fishing says:

i have been threw so many boat covers some of them cost 200$ and dont last even a year i love this video

Anthony Dean says:

by elements do you mean sunshine and ocean breezes 🙂

Chris L says:

Motor cover or cover bag? How much? Thanks

zerg232 says:

Do you always throw the boxes after opening them. You done this in other videos also lmao

Sh0t says:

Most accurate video title on youtube

Retired SeniorChief says:

Wow I don’t even own boat and I want one for my car, thanks Sizzle!

Elliott Wolcott says:

Great video. Did you do college for 4 years and did you go to the football games for your college?

Fu kun when says:

I’m going to order a Darcy…

craig curlee says:

Great review Darci! Please don’t laugh, but one thing I do, this is the redneck in me. I use milk jugs full of sand, bungee cords, and hook the bungee cords where the straps go. It is great for when you are in a hurry to get on the water, which is all of the time! I also painted the jugs to match the cover. (my OCD kicked in)

Dr Dank says:

You should be sponsored by whoever makes that bikini bottom. Who makes it?

Mical Ryman says:

hello Darcy hopefully we got the problem fixed on my talk text it was clear that my provider was not using a good signal so hopefully when i text everything will be ok keep up the good work and a good videos

cooper cooper says:

I will

Scott Daub says:

You’re gonna need the straps, sister. First time it rains that thing will pull right off from the weight of the water. I had to make a set of ribs to go under mine to keep it from collecting 150 gallons of water on the floor of the boat.

Sin City Outdoors says:

I thought your boat was a lot longer than 17′. I love the front deck on that boat. I agree with the title also…good job

Becky Simpson says:

I’d like to see a test of how well it sheds rain and keeps it from puddling.

RustyM140 says:

The “bag for the cover” was a cover for the boat engine.

Wipsplash says:

Impossible to find any reviews of Windstorm boat covers that aren’t biased. The only reviews are people selling them or they received a free one to do a video about.

EHz Colorado says:

I don’t remember there ever being a better boat cover review ever made. Never. 🙂

Dan Miller Wall Renovations says:

Sweetheart you need to stop selling boat covers and get prepared for the biggest hurricane of your life hurricane Irma

Thinking Impaired says:

the straps should help prevent the boat cover from collapsing under weight of accumulated rainwater on top of the cover surface.
I was wondering if the boat cover has a soft inner surface to protect the boat from abrasion from the cover rubbing on the boat hull during windy conditions.

Michael Rains says:

Awesome video, always good to protect your investment, Car boat whatever .

James Webster says:

I think that bag you thought was a carry bag is a cover for your out board motor

Jeremy Verity says:

What’s up with the gheenoe?

mycorona66 says:

stuper stoked? LOL!

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