What’s hiding inside Harry’s Garage, plus channel update

Garage walk-around plus what’s in store for the channel over the coming months thanks to great support from..
the channel is having a refresh and there will be more regular uploads than previously. Thanks for watching.


WeMuckAround says:

0:19 We need a video on the Peugeot 205 GTi in the top left!

Alex K. says:

It’s criminal that this channel has only 137k subscribers.

farerse says:

no american cars?

Dg 27 says:

just think if your were going out with harrys daughter trying to show off in your escort turbo . i get me coat moment spring to mind . what a great guy i would love the countach harry

gst69man says:

good job harry nice collection but needs updating as you mentioned. take a look at Mercedes, They are back.

odl21 says:

what about the back row??? also – i’d be interested in that XJC if you still have it and want to sell it.

Miquel Bayo says:

Please! Let me ride that Kawa 750 XD

navin chanrai says:

Dear Harry, Love the collection. I like that you have focused on cars that are fun to drive in their individual unique way. I didn’t see any Ferrari’s in your video. Perhaps you are keeping something to surprise us in the future. Best of luck.

Vincent T. says:

I like your car collection but not so much your bikes. Where are the Vincent and Triumph?

la557 says:

Great job Harry!

s0rc1 says:

spotted a peugeot 205, can you also make a video if this one? 😉

845ste says:

Harry you are an English man: why have you not a Ultima GTR?????

KiwiPokerPlayer says:

First world problems: My garage is too big so I have to keep buying super cars to fill it.

tesla1961 says:

happiness is not for sale

Keith Brettell says:

Who is Harry? I’ve watched a few of his videos but I don’t see any back story on who he is.

Paul Robin says:


Deano Perksio says:

You lucky man Harry.

Dan Alex says:

ESPADA !!! Get a GHIBLI as well !!!!!!!

James Vickers says:

Grazie mr harry grazie Mille ciao

corvette72778 says:

no corvettes in your garage. thumbs down.

waynester71 says:

I like a garage you can go for a drive in!
How do you go about insurance Harry, do FJ do you a single policy that covers all? Insuring my TVR, Focus ST and Honda Blackbird gets expensive…so your fleet must be a fair bit of moolah?

Andy Merkel says:

a few quick remarks about the zonda would have really sealed off the vid, but I’m grateful to see the 90% of the collection nonetheless… sweet…

David Bowiesson says:

Love how you have all these amazing cars, then you have a Clio! that shows you’re a true car lover, appreciating the car rather than the price tag.

My mum’s had one for years and years, never had a single problem, it’s a great little car.

Flipzco says:



David Farmer says:

two questions 1) how much is your insurance? 2) If I have a sex change can I be your daughter and get to drive that blue merc?

INAVA MX says:

I would like to see a video with that 205 gti you have there…

swedish meatball says:

Wish you had a 1979 Porsche 928

Vincent Sandford says:

Harry -sory how do you maintain all these vehicles?

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