Worlds Fastest Baja boat PART 1: First shake down run!

UPDATE 09.06.18 — Just days after I uploaded this video we took this boat to the Shootout at lake of the ozarks. With just 93 octane pump fuel in the tank, and with a race course of just 3/4 of a mile. (it used to be 1 mile) this Baja ran 117mph on her 2nd pass.

That 117mph in that short of a distance not only claimed her title as the “Worlds Fastest Baja”… it made us aware of how much more potential it has if it was turned up (and the drives could take it)

Since that run, this boat has wrapped up hundreds of miles doing poker runs at Lake of the Ozarks. And finally claimed the “Top Gun” aware for bravo drive in 2018.


THE BACKSTORY: This video is shot just days before this boat headed to the Lake of the Ozarks shootout, where boats from all over the world come to run down the lakes closed off speed course. However, this year marked the big change in the event…this year’s course was shortened to just 3/4 of a mile. Since its now a short run, we knew that acceleration was going to be key.

I AM HONORED: That Chad the owner enlisted/trusted me to make some last min changes to his combo and tune these amazing Whipple supercharged big blocks…but time was running out to test the boat with all of the new changes. So just days before the event, Chad the owner loaded up the boat, and headed to the test lake at daybreak! Due to me having to catch a flight to Nashville we only had 1.5 hrs to load a tune into the Holley ECU’s and make a couple quick hits. And this is the footage of just that…



UPstater5.9 says:

Yall tested on a pond? Lol

Adam McDonald says:

Nice to see Chad’s boat running!

Michael Hopkins says:

How much does something like that cost

geoff says:

Bajas get a lot of crap but this one is pure art

Donald Mach says:

Impressive! I wonder how much the props alone cost on this monster!!

coltrain Dontworryboutit says:

I call bullshit on 105mph and 53% throttle.

MadTrax 572 says:

Where’s part 2?

Kriss Hassebrock says:

Simply superb

Gary Burbank says:

bas ass boat I have a 1986 StarCraft 18 1/2 foot GM OMC 3 liter I/O just redone inside and out 5 years ago new crate engine love it

Gary Roskuski says:

Do you have the loto video ? Would love to see it .

Midwest Motorsports says:

Did you scrub the boat after for any Zebra Mussels?

Creamsly says:

How long is the boat?

Todd Moore says:

My god that sounds good!

chevy791979 says:

Nice boat and the work was done well. But what’s that hull design good for MPH wise. You maybe exceeding it.

Gary Roskuski says:

Amazing boat ready to see part 2 !!!! getting ready to put prochargers on my older baja , wish I had yours

1_ Fishin'_ Magician says:

very nice boat…good lookin’ ..sounds awesome….love the speed….BUT…..where are the fishin’ pole holder’s…??? 😉
Lake George, NY
* bring that bad boy up here an run on our big beautiful lake…lots of 30 an 40 footer’s out there right now…

brihosk says:

Amazing boat. I am looking for a tow-able cover like yours. Is it custom?

scott bowling says:

Why take it somewhere that you can’t go full throttle?

Joe S. says:

Now that’s an expensive Hobby. You think building a project cars is expensive. Ha. I knew a guy that messed with these boats and he had Lamborghini Aventador money invested.

Bob White says:

Where’s part 2?

Peety Dontpass says:

That Would be like riding a jetski in a Olympic size pool.

D Rock says:

look like she started chinning a bit when he hit 100. im sure this boat is fast, but not worth your life. be careful!
my 208 islander hardly ever sees 4k rpm. original stock gen 5 454 with god knows how many hours on it….lol.

S F. says:

This video proves nothing. No record. No proof. Pretty sad speed for a 30 foot boat…I guess Baja fast is not “Fast boat” Fast.

Charlie Odom says:

All that money in motors and shitty XRs behind them!

Since we never saw part 2, my guess is that he grenaded the drives and now he has a hundred thousand dollar yard ornament.

Christian Korsmit says:

what’s the hp on that bad boy?

Tom rizzo says:


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