XO 360 sea trial from Motor Boat & Yachting

Dave Marsh takes the new flagship in the XO Boats range for a sea trial off Poole.

Read the full report in the March 2016 issue of the magazine.

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Ed Kelly says:

Outside (speed, handleing stability) great , inside…not so much.

Russ B says:

Nice Boat…But Personally i still prefer the Sargo 36 Explorer 🙂 Good Review Video 🙂

timexironman100m says:

boat design seems to be taking on more house like qualities on their insides,but as pointed out,too many 90 degree angles on surfaces which on a rolling boat only invite possible injuries, open flat rear deck..hmm fine for calm water areas….can see ” man over board ” being used a lot…build a boat fine,add human….well back to drawing board….

Jeffery Teo says:

wow they really need to fix on what you mentioned above.Apart from that all is really awesome.

Jimmy Erbe says:

I’ll take the proto at a discount

Евгений Юрьевич says:

Шкиряка не видели, а то Зорян скучае

Marc Johnston says:

Strange I don’t remember seeing a galley?!

Mr. Sebnup says:

To achieve that level of excitement, it would be cheaper to visit Disney World. 🙂 Personally, I wouldn’t have any vessel that slammed me around like this one would.

Darrell's Moto Diary says:

I’d fall out in the back.

Tim Daniel says:

I’m glad I saw this in time … that’s another one crossed off the ‘next boat’ list!


his opinions are for short people

Peter Ballin says:


Евгений Юрьевич says:

Вы все кто?

Charles Irby says:

She is a beauty…well balanced when she leaves the water. Only thing…that bow angle looks like she will ‘spear’ into rough sea/rogue wave sets/large ship wakes after you had been running ‘trimmed’ for calm sea.
I couldn’t live with that fold out table…period.
Being a fisherman, I’d need at least an optional ‘stern railing’ system to keep the anglers on board. I get the idea behind that stern raised deck catch for cargo but it looks like a toe catch and stumble, sending someone over the stern.
She is a beauty…

luthfi 23 says:

The price??

wph 001 says:

Interesting rough water 2 person excursion boat with occasional extra couple. However never did see the main cabin just a close up of the host which mumbled too much.

Сергей Оф says:

На мой взгляд, большая, гармоничная, красивая машина, а глиссирует не убедительно

Will Jones says:

I think they need to narrow the cabin by on top and shorten it, with a wider walking area around the sides. It will make it easier for most people to walk around and enjoy laying out also it can be used for fishing..3 rows of seats is a bit much, so a little shorter with maybe an island cooking area at the back door..

Dân Chơi says:

Verry nice..my dream

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