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Welcome to a new episode of this series, today we count down our picks for the TOP 10 INSANE AMPHIBIOUS VEHICLES 2018

Gadgets List you have seen 😃

01:30 quadski
02:57 WaterCar Panther
04:12 Gibbs Quadski
05:03 Ghe-O Rescue
06:10 ATV SHAMAN 8×8
07:46 UHAC
10:16 Amfibiebus WATER BUS
10:52 Biski Amphibious

The Story

Amphibious vehicles are one of the most astounding inventions of all time. These amazing swimming cars have been around for quite a while now but incredibly, they have not lost a single ounce of appeal. They continue to fascinate vehicle lovers the world over and offer numerous unique benefits to their users. Watch this list of Amphibious Vehicle Inventions That Exist Today

Shaman is an exclusive vehicle with an original closed frame protecting transmission components. Unmatched off-roading capabilities are a consequence of implementing independent suspension for each of the wheels. The vehicle equipped with low pressure tires easily travels through marshes, tundra, rivers, shallow lakes, etc. The vehicle has a hermetic boat-formed frame armed with high-performance water pumps (pumping up to 200 liters per minute) that remove water from the frame. Special flaps provide emergent water drop if convenient. Amphibious vehicles are ideal for extreme weather conditions.

This Russian-made, adult-sized Tonka truck may have only 44.3 hp, but it turns on a dime, has two seats and an ample cargo area, can climb obstacles over two feet tall, and can swim with ease thanks to oversized self-inflated tires. It also has a durable polymer coating on the outside for added toughness, a 15.3 gallon fuel tank, and optional add-ons like another 15 gallon tank in the wheels, a generator, independent heater, and high-powered headlights.

Biski Amphibious :
The Biski is truly unique as a single seat (or single plus pillion), twin jet, HSA Motorcycle, it is a world’s first in many ways. At just 2.3m long and under 1m wide, it is the smallest of all Gibbs High speed amphibious platforms, and very probably the most technically advanced. It represents true freedom for the individual serious fun.

Amfibiebus :
A tour with this unique amphibious bus makes for an unforgettable experience for young and old! You will see the most unique and beautiful places in Rotterdam during the city trip. Then comes the ‘splash’: the spectacular dive in the Meuse. The bus suddenly also shows a seaworthy boat, which continues through the water along the spectacular skyline of the city!

Ghe-O Rescue :
Rescue is the ideal solution for transportation, medical support and fire extinguish capabilities on all terrains and in all weather. With off road solutions borrowed from racing and with a close to competition philosophy, the performance version Rescue is in fact, despite their truck like look, a very capable all terrain solution rivaling with any small racing equipped sports car.


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