AMPHIBIOUS ATV! 4×4 Mudding, Jet Skiing, & Off-Roading! Gibbs Quadski (GTA 5 PC Mods)

AMPHIBIOUS ATV! 4×4 Mudding, Jet Skiing, & Off-Roading! Gibbs Quadski (GTA 5 PC Mods)
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Agnes Tan says:

Hey how do you Download this in iPad?

Marquita Hill says:

what can of car

Paul Walmsley says:

gtchy 1230 so bloody cool

Dream Desk says:

if only it could fly

Marie Kemp says:

I subscribed

Lil Kouki says:

go mudding

Ty Rhoden says:

I like the video ty

Igor Igor says:

*Nobody buys Quadski in real life because being RWD only it is practically useless offroad, and it is WAY overprised at $40k, yes it can do both, but going above $30k for this thing in real life is idiotic, this is why nobody is buying them.*

vincent tsai says:

I’m new

josiah gokool says:

Can u give me a shout out if this is live my name is josiah

Amador Valenzuela says:


Arran Hastie says:

I subscribed

Cole Johnson says:

I’m new!

Erin White says:


Samantha Brandt says:


Kirby Jones says:


Michael Fitch says:

Do you play Xbox for gta

Skillfulbear Yt says:

Fucking dick he uses modes u don’t believe that it’s a dlc BRB THEB WHY DINT YOU Buy IT AND LET US SEE IF ITS REAL

ethen Moore says:

Ethan and you are the best video maker.

Thomas Green says:

I like it

Dezyrae Minzett says:

what game console do you have

Leo Almanza says:


Evan Hollie says:


Cole Johnson says:

go down the side of the mountain

Caden Walders says:

I droped a like


joblessgarrett rolls

Richard King says:

did you download that games

Cole Johnson says:

I’m new

Cole Johnson says:


Alex mcC says:

your amazing

Randy Gunness1234 says:

nice video

Dan Bubp says:

i am new man i 8

Kerdeem Marine says:

I love it

Alejandro Dominguez says:

how do u git that

Cole Johnson says:

As a tip

Will Mcewan says:


Cole Johnson says:

I’m offering $10

Erick Navarro says:

I add a like



Yessica Martinez says:

That car is so cool

Agnes Tan says:

How do you download GTA5 in iPad?

random tadpole says:


Cole Johnson says:

You are my favorite

Yessica Martinez says:

i love your vedeo

Remington Buckley says:

Like spike

Samantha Brandt says:


The racist torta Jr says:

Liked it gay man

Erin White says:


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