Amphibious Vehicles Review – Toybota & Quadski… Cue The Bond! – GTA Online Import & Export DLC

Q sends me on a mission to test out the brand new toys in the hangar… and they are both amphibious! A quad bike/jet ski & the legendary Toybota… with a big bloody gun on it!

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Stennb says:

it goes out of fp view if you go underwater, also the pickup doesnt have it because in water its gonna glitch into it

Ben Roberts says:

Omg great video love the quad bike one so cool man love the gta videos and the fords videos keep up the great work

Rear End Rudy says:

What does EK srand for? 🙂

Patrick Milligan says:

nice job ek keep it up

تعبت وانا اصحح لكم says:

you customize the cars

ArotuRac3 says:

Hey Frank I loved your video, quick question: Would you get GTA V for Christmas or 2 season passes one for FH3 and Mafia III?

Craig Champagne says:

I was riding with u earlier frank on online

Darksmoke 45 says:

Toybota and Quadski: Toybota is a Toyota truck with boat parts, and Quakski is a Kawasaki Quad with jet ski parts. I get your joke in the title there m8.

Tesla Lynx says:

so… I guess these two are the first armored boats to appear in the game, since there is none in the boat class that is armored. So the new amphibius vehicles is techincally a class on their own. And it looks like the Mechanical is a destroyer while the quad is a assult boat. For those who wanted boats with guns. your dream just came true! Love both vehicles and love ur vidoes!

Drummercommander says:

Thank you for showing these off!

David Anderson says:

High quality video… Loved the different voices

lewis bleakney says:

more forza horizon

IceJaz23 says:

You are awesome man!

Sam Luna Harkins says:

nope rockstar want you to buy cash cards to get these vehicles, thats why i dont play this game anymore nor do i support rockstar cause of this its just greedy and frankly slap in the face, which youtubers just praise rockstar for apparent free dlc which it aint really since you will need to buy cash cards to get these cars, houses etc

Quién se atreve, gana says:

“Special Agent Raccoonton at your service. Actually, no, go fuck yourself.”

TGLAZEY99 says:

When i saw the toybota the first thing that come to my mind was Jeremy Clarkson trying to cross the English channel. This thing would be perfect for him

Stephen Reid says:

Its actually the ‘Nissank’ not the Toybota.
The Toybota didn’t have oil drums.
The Nissank was the second attemp at amphibious vehicles.

Ted Wall says:

I was in your game my gamer tag was ted4win

CLOWN says:

These cars are useless if you have a dickhead like me in a hydra, terrorising the entire session

hero13400 0 says:

Great video do you have any interest in need for speed most wanted 2005

luke russell-wells says:

His secret agent name should be raccoon bond

Geoamey 2003 says:

Hi frank how comes u don’t go on PS4 anymore

Alex Lubbers says:

Oh my God dude, I fricking love you. You make me laugh and smile in every video.

William Mears says:

All we need is the submarine mini from Austin Powers and GTA will be complete.

Matt Waller says:

OMG FINALLY!!!!!! You changed your recent uploads to sit on top of your popular uploads lol. A small change that I’ve been wanting you to do for ages mate xD Nice video too!

PrincessZoey97 says:

Omg that’s totally clarksons Toyota! Hahaha

Cool Cobra 64 says:

Nice video, EK! It’s good to see that you’re enjoying the new vehicles that came with the Import/Export update. BTW, speaking of Pirates of the Caribbean, I think there’s another movie coming out next year. (And no, I haven’t watched the actual movies either.)

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