The Biski is truly unique; as a single seat (or single plus pillion), twin jet, HSA Motorcycle, it is a world’s first in many ways. At just 2.3m long and under 1m wide, it is the smallest of all Gibbs High speed amphibious platforms, and very probably the most technically advanced. It represents true freedom for the individual; serious fun.

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Honesty Counts says:

Cool. I’m getting one of them. Why not.
Add a set of small ‘outrigger’ wheels on the sides to keep from scraping the bottom on tight corners and you’ve got a winner there for places like Florida.

skuripanda burns says:

I assume that the road max speed of 87mph is to prevent users from time travelling?

Edison Giovanetti says:

Ideal para as inundações da nossa cidade, só iria trocar as rodas por esteira, para ficar a prova de buracos.

EXTREME 4X4 OFFRoad says:

сколько цена?

и можно я скопирую ваше видео и размещу его у нас?

Redblower says:

so we drive down the road in our wetsuit?

an injury waiting to happen..

or do we go in the water in our leather protective gear?

where is the rough water demonstration?

Sunardi Alsas says:

how much it costs to Indonesia ?

Bobs Yuruncle says:

I want to see the automatic helmet remover and installer that is used.

Fellowheart says:

How much 4 this thing ?

Luís Claro says:

What about the wheel hubs you hold immersed in water? The lubirifcation will be quickly washed away… I like the idea though

Azurel777 says:

seems to have a bad lean angle, not something you want on a motorcycle.

Adam Smith says:

Light armour and turret for gunner please

deno spyridon says:

How much are they??? Does anybody know

Wheels.8 says:

Gayer then roblox

L79 says:

James Bond said hello.

artemis says:

what is the song and artist from this song

oldschoolgreentube says:

Hey! when are you going to be bringing your products to America? I want to sell them.

Mark says:

holy great

potcheen on the road ☘ says:

Wow it’s nice to have but $40.000 I give it a miss.

Willian santos sassi says:

Muito bom!!!

Gostaria de poder ter uma dessas.
Vai Corinthians!!

motoxrcr says:

Needs a knobby tire to get out of the water on anything but a paved ramp.

SARN -FS says:

Come to bangkok Pleaseeeee

John M says:

pretty it up with some super sharp angles and lines and people might buy this thing. It is ugly as sin in current form. Make it look more like a supercar. not this round manatee thing

Мастерская Pit_Stop says:

Ну это скорее водный скутер с возможностью доехать до воды, нежели два в одном. А вот ценник скоре всего как за две техники.

Luiz Carlos Da Silva says:

Muito boa…não precisa lavar…e se acabar a agua???

Leon Wilcox says:

Shut up and take my money

P. rivethead says:

Real gungster thing that help runaway out of cops

knytrydr73 says:

Gonna need some taller boots for this one. LOL

淡麗緑 says:


tybeejeffro says:

Judge Dread…your ride is ready.

K Drewes says:

Still just a concept. 🙁


Isto que é eficácia, no BRASIL com os alagamentos, porém gostei mais do TERRAQUAD

Mqr1o says:

When the traffic is terrible.

Joe Croteau says:

Now this is cool can it be used in the ocean?

Brent Smith says:

wow how much is that

Andrés Campos says:

Necesito unas 20 de esa cuanto cuesta,,, mi celular en ecuador es 0980716390……


I wish I could find out where to get this, and the price. I live on an island in florida and I’d love to make videos of this vehicle

AllySmiles201 says:

this is one of those concept that makes no sense.

ne91ma says:

I wish this released soon, this one thing is one cool Idea I hope It can be used at sea water.

César Antonio Bertolino says:

Fantastic !!!!

Ragna Rok says:

Really great invention, hope it would be massively produced with it’s price dropped significantly. Just thinking about a choice – do I want to drive on a road or in a river if my road leads in same direction as the river flows :). Also in a hot summer, why would I not go to water together with my bike? Awesome idea, created by great minds. Just a pity it’s still for elitists.

Shepherd2305 says:

I bet this thing is going to cost more than $40,000 like the Quadski did when it came out.

Auto master says:

а он не летает?
а если чесно то нечего нормального я тут не увидел….мотоцикл должен быть мотоциклом а не гебридом.попробывал бы он на повороте побыстрее поехать ну положить пониже то был бы ШЛЁП.

André Luiz Alves da Silva says:

A solução dos motoboys de SP nos dias de chuva, PARABENS!!!

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