Gibbs Quadski Review

Darren reviews the new Gibbs Quadski. This is a ATV and Jet Ski wrapped up into one. If you are in a James Bond mood and would like a 2 in one machine, this is for you.

Google Maps:,-111.29835,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x87520547114f394d:0xf18c95d024c0b3aa


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ringo says:

with a zombie rammer and turned into a solar vehicle, this would be godly in a zombie apocalypse lol

kamran102 says:

The maintenance must be a nightmare if you go in the sea (salt…)!

Chilly Bandino says:

Awesome getaway vehicle!!!!!!!!


too bad it’s slow when it transforms.

Tim O says:

What happens if you tip it while on the water?

larry 69 says:

+The Real Deal u bought this for 50 grand

Idelta Paulo says:
Christian Porter says:

what would happen if you “sucked the tires in” while on land?

Deerector says:

Dude this thing is god awful looking..

Rick C says:

looks nice but very expensive.

Bridge House B & B says:

One day 🙂

Jake Ashley says:

I find it so frustrating being a kid because there are so many insane things to do yet im not old enough

unclejanin says:

did i hear correctly street legal?

Jeda Wright says:

Wow thats awesome

Jonathan Larrimore says:

Worst part is having to get new tires. They’re probably a quarter of the cost of the thing.

seree_ seree says:

Very good….

55bluestock says:


Redblower says:

another useless smooth water review…try using the quaddski on the surf…

55bluestock says:

i bought this and i from the minute i turned it on, i was like..
holy shit.

Bob Garrity says:

How much extra is the “Street Legal Kit” mentioned at 3:19 ? THX!

larry 69 says:

+The Real Deal u bought this for 40 grand why

Maloy7800 says:

The most annoying thing about this video is that guy who keeps saying “suck those wheels up”. The word you’re looking for, Bob-Lee, is RETRACT.

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