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The Gibbs Quadski goes where no personal off-road vehicle has gone before: the water. With the push of a button, the Quadski can transform from a land-loving ATV to a water-going jet ski. And with a reported top speed of 45 miles per hour on both land and sea, the amphibious Quadski is sure to provide thrills on either surface.

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Yashar ghaffari says:

for $40k I can buy a house Car, Quad and a skidoo all used but in good condition

Broseph Est.19XX says:


Hayden Wells says:

Wow much is it

憂国の灯 says:

日本は島国! 売れますよ、早くうってくれー

Voxized says:

How has no one mentioned the idea of a criminal using this? There is no way a cop could catch you. 

MegaMoose1989 says:

They need a more heavy duty version for lifeguards, law enforcement. One that can handle more than 250lbs.

Ryan Haines says:

$ 40,000 is way to much. You could buy 2 quads and 2 skidoos for that price.

kcuf7 says:

I cant Believe they made it only 2WD!  and what happens if it tips over in ocean surf? I don’t think it will flip up right like a regular jet ski. The frame is to wide, maybe in the near future some other company can make a Heavy Duty Quadski, that goes faster on land and sea, that’s 4WD and maybe I will consider buying one.

Cicero Emanoel says:

can be imported into Brazil or already exists represents around here?

Carlos m says:

This is more like military use

Sufyan Xasab says:

wat is the average quad bike price

Stig Cruise says:

Or for $40,000… Get this you can buy a jet ski and ATV and a trailer and you can customize all of that for less than 40 grand

BigShot says:

$40,000.00, smh.

MrKaczpur says:

Now in Gta online. XD

TheColourfulOne says:

45 mph
smh thats so slow on the water

Jonathan Duffel says:

the quad ski is so awsome

Mark Serrano says:

Can you imagine if FCA did this to the jeep wrangler?

gary smallwood says:

MOTORS are betters than engines.

Liam O'Flaherty says:

I would love to see this thing try land a jump

Spencer Scott says:

“you will Defently be the coolest kid on the block” and why the fuck would I spend 40k to be “the coolest”.

alex louis says:

You need to go electric

Jagdtoq says:

I am surprised the US military hasn’t jumped at this, its speed on the water would be very useful I would imagine for either a quick get away or fast hit and run attack.

RC says:

260 pound pay load? Dumb.

Juan Jose Pineda Guillen says:

Soy ve ndedor dd dulce no tengo manera de conseguir una silla electrica podfian ayudarme con una gracias

Chris sv650 says:

they crazy 40,000 $ with that money I can buy me 2 jet skit 2 4wheelers 1ninja 636 1 harley davidson and still have money to with

Danny Trigueros says:

Now available in gta with turrets

sam bogaert says:

how does it get back on land ?

ivan villarreal says:

so cool!!!!!

john franklin says:

“have you ever had your mind blown?”

MotoPedia - UAE Car Review Show says:

I enjoyed your clip.

Everything Cool says:

2:12 105% green screen

david Buchanon david buchanon says:

40,000 I would buy me a nice ass car for that price.

James Williams 777 says:

bmw motor ? please gibbs use honda or toyota or yamaha engine and cut the price way down, i love bmw m power but for reliability and price and maintenance, a more reliable cheaper engine would be great for a vehicle like this


poli oreo verri goot

Pa' aquí, Pa' allá says:

It’s perfect for James Bond 007

Snarky FourSeven says:

I am surprised some foreign military hasn’t jumped! That Us military hasn’t is no surprise. Demos in charge for eons. When would a demo spend sensibly??

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