HOW TO Setup Rig YAMAHA FXHO WaveRunner for Fishing

Learn how to set up a YAMAHA WaveRunner for fishing. I run these WaveRunners out of Islamorada, The Fishing Capital of the World, in the sunny Florida Keys, about 90 miles from beautiful Key West. Nothing is better than Florida Keys for fishing. These WaveRunners provide great family entertainment, whether it’s at the Holiday Isle sandbar for a friendly party or offshore fishing for Tuna, Mahi-mahi, or Wahoo. It is difficult not to smile while cruising on these fishing machines.

Transducer bracket:
Loren P.

Cooler Bracket:
Robbie Taylor

Yamaha Review 15:36 Fishmaster Arches 00:57 and 08:02 Fuel Filling Cap Modification 1:41 HDS 7 Fish Finder 2:10 LED Spot Lights 2:27 7:30 7:45 Front Organizer 2:43 Ritchie Compass 3:13 Accessory Controls 3:28 Wiring 4:40 and 7:01 Batteries 5:56 Dual Bilge Pump 7:08 Navigation Lights 7:38 Rear Leaning Backrest Organizer 8:52 Rod Holders 9:38 and 13:19 Cooler Rack 10:00 Roto Fuelpax 11:13 Power Pole Micro Anchor 12:13 Transducer Mount 13:27 and 14:27 Rear Jet 14:10 Barbecue Grill 14:54

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17Industries says:

Really cool build. At this point it may be more simple to buy just a small whaler but there are definitely things that are better in the wave-runner.

Tran Kali says:

You did all that diy or shop did that for u?

Stephen Clay says:

How about a pump to transfer fuel from. the tanks directly to the main tank?

A Shore says:

Absolutely amazing work! I will say the new sea doo has done something similar with a much deeper stern platform, making the cooler more secure/integrated

David Kimpton says:

Would hate to roll that ski, I don’t understand how you even get on it so much obstruction to the rear boarding

Bbq man says:

Can this be done to a sea doo challenger?

James Ireland says:

Why would anyone give this a thumbs down so many negative and hateful people on here. And so funny even on a video like this people still have to talk shit and insult someone grow up

mixflip says:

Epic! I know how I’m going to outfit my jetski if I ever buy one.

Alan Call says:

Love the front Tower rear Tower is a bit much nice job keep them coming great video

Anthony Milanese says:

Take a shot every time he says “By Far ” & “Navigate”

Joe J says:

I just don’t understand how there could be 266 negative comments here. This guy has done an outstanding job on this. What is not to like?

George Subarakias says:

I like !!!!! Very good work man !!

McCarlSpeed says:

Really nice set up man. Nice job!

Roam To Know says:

I had no idea something like this was possible. This is great

Oscar M says:

WOW I’m a lil behind

Art Thomas says:

Nice rig..thanks for sharing

Steven Rhodes says:

Wow, I had no idea they made those kinds of accessories for PWC’s. I knew folks fished from them but you’re certainly taking it to a completely different level. The only question that was in my mind was the stability thing but you answered that one. It’s way beyond anything I’d ever do but it looks very cool.

シマノゴロウ says:

Good job!
Nice video from Japan !

Blue line Fishing says:

How much is the whole setup if someone was going to do all of the mods u did. And do you do them at a business or is this just a personal one that you set up for yourself .

jacob borrelli says:

5:48 Yay or Ney

Chris Lang says:

looks great! quick question you spent all that money on this and that but you couldn’t kick down another $30-$40 for some nice vinyl FL numbers

James Ireland says:

Damn that came out beautiful

bellapool says:

your assistant is very beautiful I like the way she is standing by ready and waiting to jump in and assist when needed, I cant even get my wife to make a damn sandwich.

Wyatt Stephenson says:

I looked on and they only sell the rear fishing arch. It looks to me as though your using 2 rear fishing arches for both rear and front arch. Is that correct?

Wade Brown says:

Excuse me but dont you get on a PWC from the rear deck should you fall off. Have you unwittingly created a death trap ?

George KAISER says:

Would you rather have a different seat for fishing or is that one ok for sitting sideways while casting?

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