QuadSki By Gibbs Sports

QuadSki By Gibbs Sports
Bay Harbor, MI
Boat Show


Yeahman1987 says:

Awesome done even get your feet wet 🙂 this look so cool

happy days says:

Not even AWD, or street legal. Just another useless toy. Thanks a bunch.

Roberto Gonzalez says:
Andrew Burke says:

Let’s just wait till Polaris, Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha comes out with their versions. Will look better, more competition and be a little easier on the wallet..

Xavier Trahan says:

take my 40 grand

Урал Рузиев says:

How mach?

james fowler says:

cool but i think i could get a bad ass quad and ski and have $20,000 to spare

David Ripley says:

I could buy a house with that kind of money, I seen an rv that did the same for the same price,

Richar Spark says:

I bought a jet ski for 600 dollars and just pull it with my 3000 dollar ATV fuck 40k for this peace of shit

Paweł Piszcz says:

$ ?

Byte Night says:

Wtf $370.000?

Alex Angel says:

40 000 dollars?? That is a joke right…? For that amount of money I can buy a new cheap Lamborhini in Norway! Contact me when it costs under 10k……

ProfitOfDoom420 says:

Are these street legal?
Doesnt look like its 4WD either 🙁
But if they are street legal I can see some people getting into these,Juts driving down to the lake in the summer,skip the line of trailers waiting to boats in,,Just drive in,,zip around the lake,,Drive out and Home,Awesome! 40k Is pricey though,,Id go 20k!?

breno Saldanha says:



jan9th1977 says:

love it but not for $40,000 ,

Moe Moe says:

so that all this dude does all day in the water out of the water what the fuc

R 100 says:

pretty nice, these things can do 45 mph on water & land

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