Quadski Vs Alfa Romeo 4C – Top Gear – Series 21 – BBC

Hammond and Clarkson battle along the shores of Lake Como, Hammond in the new Alfa Romeo 4C, and Clarkson on a quad bike – which also happens to turn into a jet ski. Clip taken from series 21, episode 2.

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Exile says:

i really love that 4c i wish it was under 40k and with a manual gearbox. such a shame is not reasonably priced.

Akash Mangaonkar says:

What an hotel! and so is that alfa

Joseph C. says:

6:00 this episode is most beautiful I’ve seen of this car

Romario Townsend says:

I gotta say BBC makes these guys do some pretty crazy things. Especially Jeremy. But he was crazy from day one anyway so he’s the perfect guy for the show. lol.

Patricia Vargas says:

” … so let’s just get this straight, I’m wearing, a wet white shirt at the middle lake… ¡¡I’m Mr. Darcy, come on..!!”
The face he does… ¡LOL!

Super Trini Gamer says:

Lol horror of his face

verzekeringsadviseur says:

that 4c is probably a better sounding car than a porsche 911’s straight 6

Toffee Reggin says:

Lost the rights to have the bond theme then ;D

Maly Pivo says:

BBC cant afford to buy music??:)

yasgamer says:

“To your left, mate, to your left”

“You can’t be to my left, how can you be to my left… What?!”

kubel83 says:

God i love Top Gear

salacity says:

the 4c. first alfa sold in the US in a long time. i want one.

MudgateBronn says:

who gives a shit about the car. where can I ger that quadski!??

Francesco D'amore says:

great car!!!
great trade!!!!

heightdeprived says:

what happened to the bond sound track?

coolkid123456100 says:

@4:10 what beautiful red coupe is that?????

AFLTigersFan 27 says:

6:37 Richard calls Jeremy ‘May’

12345qwert911 says:

Wonder why Hammond had to drive it? It may be beacuse he is like 4 foot 6″

Thomas says:

This is a good race

Jordan Richard says:

quasi tihs is me

Hungrygoose says:

My GOD this car is pretty!

bob smith says:

Hello innocent youtube video,prepare for the Kotaku Swarm.

Dat Boi says:

how does the 1.3l quad have 40 hp?? it’s a bike engine

thedaimerr says:

they use the same clip from the tunnel twice in this video, look at 1:48 and 3:35

Armywolf says:

Watch as Richard forgets he saw Jeremy at 36 seconds. -_-

JKflipflop says:

I’ve already subscribed to Amazon Prime simply because they’ve kept the set together.

Vula Kalliakmani says:

poor hammond he thought he won

ZulkarNINE Zamhuri says:

Hammond was so happy until he sees it on the editing session…

Rave Fox 776 says:

i hate that car

Kieran Cox says:

anyone know the music at 2:09 ?

Javier Barrientos says:

Original race in a beautiful lake

Jonesy says:

2:05 quite sure that’s a Mexican flag o.O

Laser nuke67 says:

I love the 4c a lot my favorite Alfa

prayush khadka says:

“sometimes i stagger even myself with my genius” 😀 classic clarkson

Samuel Lewis says:

That right there just shows how much Alfas mean to car enthusiasts. They’re one of a kind and should be treated with he utmost respect.

Pixel Boss says:


31lafouine says:

Haha Clarkson along the ferry looks like a James Bond scene

çerkez ethem says:


Samir Cancel says:

0:37 Random Ferrari

Mirel Flores says:

donde esta grabado este capitulo( que lago o mar es ese???)

Samir Cancel says:

0:38 Porsche 911

Clement Ho says:

1:48 and 3:35 use the same clip

Trent Melnotte says:

the thumbnail makes it look like Jeremy is sitting down in the lotus position wearing black trousers

Ursus Maritimus says:

Spurred on by the horror of his face…

luedriver says:

I will never understand why they like alpha’s so much, I like them too, but having never even been in one, its hard to judge…

I like the old ones more than the new ones, other than this one which looks like a mini ferrari 😛

Agent Washington says:

win, then pretend to lose…

Jason Holtkamp says:

When I watched this episode for the first time as a college kid I knew I wanted a bright red 4C one day… today I finally ordered one 🙂

h80282 says:

The name of this car is verry special

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