Richard Hammond’s Alfa races a jet ski around Lake Como – Top Gear: Series 21 Episode 2 – BBC Two

SUBSCRIBE for more BBC highlights: Richard Hammond in an Alfa Romeo 4C races against Jeremy Clarkson on a quad bike, that turns into a jet ski around Lake Como in Italy.


JulianShagworthy says:

What’s with every video the BBC uploads being cut short with literally a minute or two to go?

tehXfiles says:

many nettles.

Rafael Dikta says:

What is The song in 2.03?

Henry Bussler says:

If I push this button, you’re all gonna be reminded of Spy Captain

peremen says:

Italy is always astonishing
also ferry are beauty and fast

The Black Prince says:

loved it when the bond theme came on.

Alessandro Pedrazzini says:

have I only seen  a ferrati 330 gt on 6:46?

HenryNuke says:

“Cue the Bond!”

John D says:

Name’s Bond. Jeremy. Bond.

Yuv.S Estd.98 says:


Matiau2 says:

Hello 🙂 What’s the name of the track from 4:46? Is it from the Bond movies?
Thx 🙂

Ayman Boudichat says:

– What’s the name of that bike?

Seriza Ampanas says:

I like to have this lol

Jeromel Lara says:

I know that Top Gear sometimes loathes health and safety stuff but shouldn’t Jeremy be wearing a life vest? It’s a good thing he managed to stay on board that squad ski on the entire length of the adventure.

GamingPredator says:

“aahhh my back bottom” haha xD

Vickie Bonnici says:

What was the music at 4:45

eventfulnonsense says:

Oh yeah! The Bond Tune!

Anjodelucife Junior says:

what music in 2:00 minutes ? please

AutoWorldTube says:

Forza Alfa Romeo ♥

resqwec says:

3:15 cheeky Ferrari in the right

H3KT1CK1337 says:

What was the music before he said cue the bond, any one know haha ?

Валерий Михайлович Оберюхтин says:

I have bought GIBBS QUDSKI – a continuous marriage(spoilage), a petrol tank almost a hole, a hole from oil of a hose, the shrus of a back wheel has left…

Kourosh Tashvishi says:

I see 69 dislikes 69 nice

Thom Appelman says:

am I the only one that hates alfa’s?

filip stevens says:

what episode is that?

Devin du Plessis says:

Jerks! HAHAHAHAHA aaaah man I feel trolled

Commander Astra says:

I want that atv…

needraintodrift says:

what a beautiful place to live! If only I was rich..

Hugo Merlhes says:

What’s the name of james bond theme at 4min45 ?

Sarthak Ghimire says:

1.05 fiat punto and alpha 4c have save side mirrors.

GpD79 says:

Does anyone have a link to the rest of the video?

Dendy Nugroho says:

Jeremy Bond

Ethan Schmid says:

I know exactly what music we have to play now!!!
(Random music)
No, not that! Cue the Bond!!!
(James Bond theme)

Riccardo Maria Gazzoli says:

6:45 – A classic red Maserati 3500 passed by Hammond!

doctorwho3029 says:

What’s the name of James Bond what that

letus watchit says:

Reminds me of GTA cheat sheets. Thumbs up if you agree

mouhiddine hassani says:

jeremy is one crazy ass mofo lol

TF Stormii says:

What is that jet ski called? I need to buy it

statikreg says:

Gods damn that is one frackin hot car.

Mieczysław Kowalski says:


baker says:

This is one of my favourite episodes ever

Str2000 says:

Pause at 3:15 there is a ferrari at the back

wmwflwsbs says:

That is awesome.

demanoth says:

Hahaha i read like homo

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