The HUGE Avtoros Shaman 8×8 | Top Gear Series 24 | BBC

Matt LeBlanc takes the HUGE Avtoros Shaman for a ride! Subscribe to Top Gear for more videos:

Taken from Top Gear: Series 24

Series 24:
Chris Harris Drives:
Drag Races:

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Habeev07 says:

I dont say many outrageous things but this thing is OUTRAGEOUS!! 11 MPG sounds good too. FOR THAT THING… 11….OUTRAGEOUS!

Frozen Cake says:


Cameron D says:

Man I get 11 mpg in my car. 11 isn’t bad for that huge thing

D says:

Leblanc blows.

Biplab Das says:

Good to see you Joey… Hows you doing…

Wulflex Howell says:

If Hammond were still here, he’d have an erection

Paul Krause says:



I want that to be my school bus

Chloe Hennessy says:

Give me Hammond, Clarkson and May.

God damnit.

Curtis Boynton says:

How is it they can have him with such an awesome vehicle…make it so bland. Hamster in the marauder or the tracked vehicle from season 2 were amazing. This could’ve been great but no….

Mr Child says:

Where is Jeremy? Where is Hammond? Where is James?????? Where are they??????

danilo e jesus says:

i need to buy one

HariKumar says:

Waiting for an engine swap

Rick Hilton says:

This looks like a car you’d see from gta v online

cobraking@scratch says:

The only thing missing is two cars getting crushed

Aaron Soto says:

The hell is Matt Leblanc doing there. Lol.

Fortnite Games says:


유재혁 says:

Compared to Marauder review, this is hell of boring review. They should’ve break some cars and walls. Oh yeah and jump off the cliff and dive into the water. It’s amphi car damn it.

iiGavDaBoi says:

Was this guy one of the actors on friends

Titan Redeemer27 says:

The Shaman vs The Marauder

The real Slim Shady. says:

He drove that on the road I take to college every day

ferrariteddy says:

I love Matt LeBlanc but he aimt no JC/Captain slow/hamster

McCoy Model Cars says:

Shitty episode already

Twoody says:

U forgot one more thing – its Russian


Is that Joey from friends?

allen iverson says:

11mpg is great, about the same as a Lexus 570

Jano Urda says:

That car can fit easily Ross Monica Chandler Rachel Phoebe ! 😀 Top Gear is great when Joey is there 😀

Jayden Earls says:

Bring back the old top gear


Who else agrees that they old producers where better

Michael Illes says:


Christopher Plays says:

It goes 0-60… *NEVER!*

Steam Trainlover says:

44 seconds in and im liek why are they even bothering there boring and stale atleast w/ the older top gear ud get a lapugh w/ calrson and hammon goign at eachother

notsofan says:

after I saw this my Christmas present list changed

Mark Juan says:

top gear is dead grand tour is alive

i am great says:

This episode is basically the same like they did with de maurader.. Just worse

Ali Plays says:

This is so boring. We all want old top gears members back

Bardan G says:

The place u are driving it’s so beautiful

vanlal peka says:

This guy looks like Joey from F.R.I.E.N.D.S????

TGTurbo06 Fast says:

Wow I really want this one day but it’s too slow would just have to put a V12 engine in there with some turbo

Rodney the Paladin says:

Every 3 Days if you’re going continously.

BilaalSLN Gaming says:

I miss the old top gear

Pollonaut says:

This is not Top Gear….

the proud penguin says:

This is soooooooo boring.

Erufen Rito says:

Yeah that was god awful.

Joel Smith says:

Sorry this isn’t top gear I can’t see Clarkson Hammond and May anywhere in this video

Outlaw Gamer says:

Top Gear is Dead, and The Grand Tour with Jeremy, James, & Richard is the greatest thing ever

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