Tim Ralston’s Rokon Field Test

Tim Ralston, survival gear expert and spokesman for NatGeo’s Doomsday Preppers, field tests the Rokon!


Marius Salvesen mealnd says:

webside where i can buy this?

download333 says:

The motorcycle’s answer to the Hummer. The perfect bike for Z Day.

James Franco says:

they should have used a young guy full of energy instead of this tard who is scared to tip over ! such a cool machine this tard did no justice

Jota61LaJolla says:

Sorry Tim , but the front wheel drive or drive train does NOT disconnect when turning . There is a oneway “clutch ” that enables the front wheel to travel faster in turns . Check out my videos at Westcoast Rokon by Jota 61 . I have a video of the front universal joint in action and you can see that it never stops driving, cheers Mick .

ogarzabello says:

Jay Leno’s twin brother?

matty d says:

If you had just one vehicle to pick “this is the one” lol oh shit did he say that? I can see if it comes with that lid but on its own , cmon huh.

MrRussiandan1 says:

what the junk is this?

2legit2quit says:

Why would you put Tim Ralston on this thing for a Field Test? Sure he knows his survival stuff and why you shouldn’t drink your own urine if your stuck in a bunker for awhile. But he looks like Donald Trump would if you were to put him in a underground conex with minimal supplies and ask for a field test. AWKWARD and out of his element!!! Tim Ralston has no motocross skills, and looks scared even sitting on this thing. Put this thing into the hands of a real bike rider and see that thing get put to the test. I have ridden bikes since i was 4 years old and ride some of the wildest backwoods trails on this earth. So if you want a real field test by a real enthusiast feel free to send a Rokon and a GoPro my way and ill send you some footage that will sell these bikes faster than you can make them!!

mopslopanbucket says:

Can you cook burgers on the front rack? jk awesome bike!

bahamajohn08 says:

Smoke Eaters (forest fire fighter) in Michigan use to (still might) use them with a water pump on the back PTO on my old one. They would parachute them to an LZ  close to a water source. Then drive to it and pump water to refill the ground fighter pack packs. If the fire got close they could bug out.  

justclimb77 says:

You would be eaten alive walking that “more than capable” bike up those hills my friend. lol. You could have simply drove that beast up there.

James Mchugh says:

i like how he looked both ways before crossing the river as if a bus might be coming.

Vasugan 2x2 says:

Also I collect all-wheel motorcycles and tricycles. Come to my RSS feed.

Mike K. says:

It’s a cool thing and very rare in Europe. I saw one recently in Ireland for 5000euro. The truth is that everything in this video can be done on any cross bike or adventure bike.

Poo Face says:

Nice BMX helmet.

Mike Meier DIY says:

I was shocked it restarted in the water.
I would love one of those to pull my ice shanty out onto the ice, and to carry a buck back home.

Lost in NM says:

Great machine….but I hope you aren’t sponsored by ROKON. All you did was show how poorly the pegs are placed for any difficult terrain. That and how it is better to push it then to try and ride it.

James Mchugh says:

Sorry didn’t read through all the comments making fun of him already. I see why you are SO UPSET with all those river crossing jokes hurting your feelings. I still don’t see the correlation with that being left or liberal causing such a quick judgment on whom someone may have voted for shitbird.

Rusty Rivet says:

Please keep being stupid and paranoid guys. You are improving the US economy.

Артур Демуров says:


John Mazur says:

dude that thing would barely stay running when you drove up the wall at 1:50

uberLejoe says:

Wow, I thought these were a bit dumb because it’s so small (208cc) but damn, it’s durable. I want one now hehe.

shannon james says:

May be if you fire the audio guys and remix this crap .  Thanks

spikeman dan says:

it fucking dose rock crawling whats there not to love?

Jota61LaJolla says:

Oh by the way , thank you for a great video to showcase Rokon’s abilities . This is one Rokin’ video to get the word out there , very cool , cheers Mick .

Papa Savage says:

Rokons don’t fill with water they are built as a Military application motorcycle during 1960s for American military personnel they are the strongest most indestructible vehicles in the world and I’m sure you could snorkel these if you wanted to really go there but if you look at the design the motor isn’t really exposed like a normal bike is everything is built heavy duty they will climb walls because they have about a 40-60 climb front and back and if you like to go off road Trailbreaker is what you want but ranger is street legal but trailbreakers are nostalgic and they are the original 2 wheeled tanks

cockeyedproductions says:

Awesome bike, through and through. Looks tough as nails, plus it can swim?! Had to search for it after seeing it in the Expendables 2 movie. Freakin sweet. Anyone who thinks it isn’t “pretty” enough needs to have their man card burned. And anyone who’s too tough for wearing a brain bucket deserves to spill some grey matter when they’re taking on those kind of inclines. Rock on ROKON!

JustSomeGuy says:

This guy is such a douche.

matty d says:

where did you find that helmet ? Its a sweet top bud.

hottom3rd says:

NICE BIKE!! that thing is extremely practical for backwoods. I’d love it for woods riding in upstate NY..

Ronan Rogers says:

Too much talking and too little demonstration

salisburyplain998 says:

so how did they stop it filling with water or did they cut that bit ,if burns gas it will fill with water when you drop it in the river.

steven moye says:

they’re kickass

Owen4it says:

I replaced a 400 four wheeler with a 6 hp Trailbreaker.  The biggest benefit this has is the fact it is narrow and light.  I can fit it in the back of my truck and still have room for gear.  It has a ton of low end torque and if you think you can walk there you can ride the Rokon.  Another great feature is with a rear view mirror and a horn I’ve been able to register it for the road as a motorcycle in NH.  This ads loads of trails  and capabilities as I can ride the back roads instead of trucking it.  Top speed is about 35 mph but I didn’t get it to go fast, mostly for exploring and game recovery.  I’ve used it turkey hunting on back trails and fields.  It’ll carry treestands and makes a quick trip to the truck for a sled to pull your game out if you weren’t confident enough to bring it with you in the first place.  You don’t ride it like a motorcycle, in the woods you keep your feet out to steady yourself or just your toes on the pegs.

A says:

Why do you need to twist your dick to start it??

Efrain Ortiz says:

I want that bike

Fire Mountain Outdoors says:

The greatest ATV ever created. 

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