Bayliner 185 Boat Review & Opinions

I purchased this 2011 Bayliner 185 boat towards the beginning of last year’s boating season. This is the first boat that I’ve owned and I’m glad that I opted to purchase the brand new Bayliner 185, as opposed to a good condition used boat. The price was very reasonable. I chose to purchase the Bayliner 185, instead of the Bayliner 175 because of a small price difference and an abundance of small details that really added up in my opinion. I have not encountered any mechanical problems with the boat. I paid someone to change the oil and gear lube this season but plan to learn how to do that myself next season. I winterized the boat myself this season (feel free to check out my YouTube video). All maintenance for the Bayliner 185 has been very simple to perform, even for a non-mechanic like myself. The only minor complaint that I have found is the exterior decals on the boat. They are peeling off where the black meets the white hull. Although this is not major, it definitely shows where some cost was cut during manufacturing. From a mechanical perspective, all is great! It has a MerCruiser 3.0 4-cylinder engine that will achieve a top speed of around 50 miles-per-hour on calm water. I usually cruise at around 30 miles-per-hour and can get around 100 miles from a tank of gas. The boat handles really well. The interior is very comfortable and the way that the seats can be customized for tanning instead of cruising is great! I highly recommend the Bayliner 185 for anyone looking for an affordable, comfortable and quality boat that is easy to maintain. If you’re looking for something with a lot of power and refined cosmetic design, look elsewhere though. I’ve already had an abundance of fun days on the lake this season and am already looking forward to next boating season! Filmed in 1080P HD with a Panasonic Lumix TS3 camera and a GoPro HD Hero2 camera!


carlos lehder says:

Your videos have been helpful to me Iam looking to buy my first boat I have narrowed it down to the bayliner 185 with the upgraded 4.3 engine or a sea doo challenger could you please help me by giving me the pros and cons of between these boats . I will be using it to cruise ,fish ,and tubing .any help would be appreciated

Jessika Gorgievska says:

@p154831 they are about $29-$36 grand starter we bought one and it was $37.000 thats brought down the salez manaoukd nit go down and thats with only added a extended roof so you Re looking at that price

p154831 says:

which is how mucH?

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

I take immaculate care of all of my toys and the decals peeling off has been my only major complaint. That and a radio on the back of the boat would have been a nice touch. Also, I’d probably opt for the swim platform option if I had it to do over. The back of this boat is of sufficient size but it’s a tall reach to grabs beers from the cooler. Good luck and Bayliner definitely is a good deal for the money in my opinion. Have a good one!

Deepand Dark says:

I have a Bayliner 652 Cuddy with a 4.3 lit and I must say just on tick over 3000rpm  moves just fine. The spec it 10 Gall/ Hr at 60MPH, so a gas guzzler, but if your just sunning, find a handy sand bank and throw the anchor. A swim platform is a must, it covers the outdrive up so anyone jumping off the boat are not in and danger of hitting the prop., We scuba dive a lot off ours and its been so handy.800Kg load. One regret it’s seven years old, serviced and looked after but I see all the scratches.

MegaFishguts says:

3.0 is garbage too

Tonybone Robert says:

I took my pinstripe off of my 2006 185 4.3 L V6 and I took it off the entire boat and trailer

MegaFishguts says:

glastron is a much nicer boat

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@David Bowens Nice! You’re gonna love it and I bet the anticipation is killing you :). I winterized about a month back and my wife and I are already ready for next season. Be sure to add a depth finder to you blank spot in the dash if they didn’t already install. Best 100 dollar add-on!

creatine64 says:

great review!, I have the same make and model (engine too) however we were able to get one with the full sun deck (bench seat across the back) and the swim platform. we are first time boat owners as well and I have to say this is easy to care for, trailer, & drive for newbies.

great job thanks for posting and man that water looks so inviting!!!!

redskinboy1221 says:

you sould do a video on how to dock your boat

bling bling says:

Great review. Looking at getting one myself, although leaning towards the 4.3 motor.

Seems like a great value for the money.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@p154831 About the price of a good used boat. It’s really a matter of how hard you haggle and the time of the year you buy.

Deepand Dark says:

Safe Boating all.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Definitely great value for the money! I’m actually about to de-winterize her for the next season. Hopefully she’ll perform as well this season as she did the previous too. If you’ve got the extra cash I’d definitely recommend the 4.3. I like my smaller engine but the extra power would be nice plus it’ll actually likely yield better gas mileage, as the smaller engine has to work harder/consume more gas……

creatine64 says:

only a couple are coming up because I smacked and aluminum dock (thanks to the idiot speeding by as I was docking when he should have been going thru at idle speed) but outside of that they are doing fine.

as far as adding a swim platform there should be no reason why you wouldn’t be able to. I’ll PM you the website to the bayliner forums and they people there who have added them, along with a ton of other mods, and they can give the who what when how info.

Just subscribed to your channel

haroonjahed says:

Thanks for the informative video. Definitely quite a through review for people who are interested and I am sold.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

what I mean. Think of See Doo as just a bigger jet ski and look on Google for all of the maintenance nightmares posted about them. I maintain most all aspects of the MerCruiser engine myself. Please feel free to ping me if you have any additional questions. I love this Bayliner 185 and like I said, only thing I’d do if I had it to do over is get the bigger engine and possibly the extended swim platform. Cheers!

Papichulo9606 says:

is this a good boat for fishing? looking for a boat for the family to enjoy, but I personally want to be able to fish.

imadvizinyounow says:

I swear to God! Anytime I search for anything on YouTube, you have a video on it! Amazing! Silver coins, British Virginia Islands and now a 185! Crazy!!!

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@IrixGuy It’s such a great boat and I maintain very well. It’s upsetting that the peeling decals have made it look abused.

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

@creatine64 Thanks! I wonder if I could add the swim platform to this one? I miss not having it. Also, are your decals peeling off?

p154831 says:

how much did this boat cost?

David Bowens says:

I just bought my 2012 off the showroom floor at our local Bayliner dealer. Got a great deal as there were many 2013 already in stock. Bad thing is the season is over here in West Virginia and will have to wait till spring to get her on the water.

sam shepherd says:

hi, can you please do a small video on the 4cyl 3l TKS motor? E.g how reliable is it? how well does it start, idle and run. showing how well it starts when cold. Thank you

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Bayliner 185 with upgraded engine for sure. Why? Well my Bayliner 185 with the smaller engine has been great to me. It’s affordable to maintain and the engine is powerful enough. However, if I had it to do over I would have bought the larger engine but this was my first boat purchase and I looked at cost only. Don’t get See Doo….costly repairs and upkeep and proned to have problems. Can’t go wrong with a new boat with a new Mercruiser engine. Do some Google searches and you’ll see …..

IrixGuy's Adventure Channel says:

Good suggestion. Please feel free to sub my channel. I’ll be posting a lot more Bayliner videos when I dewinterize her in a few weeks. Cheers!

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