NEW!! 2006 Bayliner 175 Review and Ultimate Find !!!

I finally found my boat. After 3 bad apples I came across this 2006 Bayliner 175 a few months ago with just 1.5 original hours on it. I did a very quick video of when I first bought it.

So after having tons of fun on the Lake this summer I finally got the chance to do a thorough review of it.


Abbas Bin Ahmad says:

Very nice mention.

Shane Odekirk says:

looking into buying 2015 175 how does it do towing a tube or wake board with people loaded up or even with just e people im afraid it wont be powerful enough to have fun.

Lange says:

About the fuel gauge.. i thought mine broke. Once it passed 1/2 it dropped really fast! But then i got to the conclusion that the fuel tank is “V” shaped. So its not the gauge its just the shape of the tank haha 
p.s. bayliners are nice boats!

miniteeg says:

+fiero880 I have a similar boat & it was left parking at home for 6 months. Now once I shift the lever to N after powering on, it powers off. So to unlock & gear I have to be extremely fast in shifting the level back to N & forward. What do you think I should do to fix?

Lorne Smith says:

Great video. Very informative with an easy delivery style. Thanks for taking the time to share your experiences. I didn’t know about the carb issues or the crappy guages. Something to watch for as I search for a boat myself.

Max Morales Jorge says:

Thanks for the video. Am gonna to buy a bayliner next week and was very helpful.

Tony Pearce says:

Just bought a 195 3.0, how would i keep the carb from getting gummy in a cold winter state (michigan) when in winter storage?

justin daniels says:

question for you. i have a 1997 175 with a mercruiser 3.0. and when we launch and start the boat it takes a few turns to start then when started i have to let it sit for like 10 mins b4 being able to drive. if i give it throttle b4 that time frame it dies on me. carb issue possibly?

David Burke says:

Great video. Informative and well put…

walter King says:

I have a 2009 bayliner 175 that I bought new at Cabela’s and except for some oxidation from the Texas sun it is still like brand new. It runs great and I love it. And BTW it has no engine compartment insulation.

rogue warr says:

sorry but that engine noise is not normal to the 3.0..also my 2001 1950 capri has better seats ,wrap around windshield. and overall looks better than the 2006 .and still runs 40 plus mph on the water with great gas mileage ….best boats for the money /

Gavin Hull says:

how fast will it go at wide open throttle

Erin Burke says:

Hi, I’m looking at a 2005 Bayliner 175 garage kept, original owner, with 52 hours on it for $6,800. Would you consider this an “ultimate find?”

hockeyfund123 says:

I have the exact same boat as you and LOVE it! I find it a bit sluggish on towing multiple but a new prop seems to have helped. Great video!

Aggie1286 says:

I’m looking at one of these exact boats this weekend?  Does yours have power steering?  The one I am going to look at does not.  Also curious what you paid for this one?

Hoang Tran says:

do u have any video how to install depth finder for bayliner boat?

Eric Jones says:

great video thanks for posting

karlo ponty says:

On a 3.0 and having four adults and two kids will I have a problem getting the person up wake board or on skies?

Bally46 says:

Love the honesty and real world info in your videos

That one Dude says:

I agree with your opinion about the structural integrity but, most bay liner boats are underpowered and a ” better ” boat would have fuel injected but besides your opinion on the engine I agree with everything else.

rafi mirza says:

such a good video. good job man hope your doing good.

Dion Jayasekara says:

grate video I am looking foe one to buy

Jose Vasquez says:

I found my answer on towers for wake boarding purposes. Thank you.

– Junior

AV8R Tom says:

The fuel is crap I’m sure the carburetors are fine. you should use fuel stabilizer every time you park it for more than a week.

mark teague says:

Jets clogging are common with ethanol based fuels. Probably especially a problem with boats since they sit over winter. Run a fine copper wire through the accelerator pump circuit and voila. Probably best to go FI with modern fuels. They are specifically engineered for use in FI systems.

YouTurd says:

hey dude, *_I LOVE YOUR LOVE OF BOATS!_*

I’m not a fan of Bayliners but I totally appreciate your opinion, I watched the whole video !

ini922 says:

Long but the effort you put into this video made me stick around

austin de groat says:

Love the video. I have a “new to me” 1995 Capri that I have only had on the water for about 3 hrs but love it.

141MRZ says:

I have an identical boat to yours that I use mostly on the Bristol channel in the UK. We are in Spain at the moment using it on the Med. I know, I know……………………it’s a tough life but someone has to live it. In short I love my Bayliner and wouldn’t swap it for another make. Check out The Hoff and The Waterboys on YouTube, that’s us lot.

nanofella says:

Nice video thanks.

Thomas Marcher Pedersen says:

Great and informative video. I have just bought a 2006 175BR myself and together with it was a bimini top wich need some TLC;) do you have a top for your boat and could you show me how you have fastened it and how you deploy it?

larry strawn says:

I bought a 2007 185 and the upholstery needed to be redone, I got everything out except the side panel that had the throttle! How do you detach the throttle handle to get it off????

idahonldavis says:

Very good video, thanks for posting. One question, are you running the stock prop?

Johnny Youse says:

We have a Volvo 4.3 gl

Motorhead 180 says:

I love your videos! I hope you are planning to make many more this summer! My family has the same motor in our boat as in yours. We have a 2001 chaparral 180, if you like, There is a video of it on my channel.. Thanks  and enjoy the start of boating season!

Colombia20102018 says:

+ fiero880 Great video. Just got a 2006 bayliner 175 from a relative that has kept it inside his house garage and has not used it for the last three years. I have not tried to turn it on yet. Could you please give me some advise on how to proceed? I heard you saying that if the boat has not been used for a while it will have problems. Thank you

Makalastar says:

Thanks for taking the time to put this video together and sharing your experience.

Nicholstop : says:

I really dislike carbs, they are the cause of a lot of problems. EFI is the best thing ever no matter what engine or vehicle you have. I’m not completely against carbs tho cuz we have a few carb jetskis and my dirtbike is carb

Ross Thompson says:

Hey man nice boat I agree with you on the engine noise they are brutal, I owned a 2007 Maxum 1800mx with one and that had sound proofing and although better than the one in your video it was still really  bad. That said I have a Bayliner 642 with one just now and it’s miles better.
I had a carb gunk up on me once while I had the Mxum after 7 years and that was leaving it over the winter for six months at a time. This winter I am installing a fuel shut of so I can drain the carb an hpefully that won’t ever be an issue again, for the cost I can’t for the life of me don’t understand why they don’t do this at the factory?
Safe boating and enjoy yourself 🙂

rogue warr says:

ps add some insulation to that engine cover ,get a better sound system .you don’t have to put up with that amount of engine noise. and then have fun on the water

Jose Vasquez says:

Excellent video and valuable advice. I do have a question on the purpose or need for a tower–can you comment on that ? Thanks, Junior from Salinas, CA

Average Gamer26 says:

I have a 1993 starcraft starcaster 1700 has taria gauges and they still work fine. Then my dads Four winns SL 262 has taria gauges and works fine.

Jose Iduate says:

I actually purchased my 2006 Bayliner 175 BR in 2005 new, and have not been disappointed.  You are right in that the carb will get gummed up if you do not run it periodically.  Once fixed, it runs smooth and has been very reliable. We are also in North Carolina, running usually in Lake Jordan.  Thanks for your video!

Craig Murray says:

Love the Bayliner videos!! I just bought a 2015 175. It seems to clunk into gear which I understand is normal. If you shift really slowly is grinds first then clunks into gear. Has this been your experience? I admit I was probably shifting too slowly. My first boat and first time driving it……

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