Roundabout Boat “The Round Fishing Boat” REVIEW

Have you ever fished out of a “Round Boat” like this Roundabout Watercrafts boat? Although they look a bit different than any type of boat we are used to, these round boats are pretty darn slick.

To see the full blog (including all pros and cons) of the Roundabout Round Fishing Boat, click here now:

Roundabout Boat “The One-Man Round Boat” [VIDEO REVIEW]

On the way back to Tampa from Boca Grande last week, Luke and I decided to stop in Ruskin (the Roundabout Watercrafts home office) to do a test run after we have heard numerous anglers talking about this round fishing boat.

After spending a solid hour driving around, making some casts, and testing it out every way we could, we left pretty impressed.

Not going to replace our boats by any means, but it certainly could play a role in an easy to transport one man fishing vessel.

Check out the full review of this round boat by Roundabout Watercrafts here:

Roundabout Boat “The One-Man Round Boat” [VIDEO REVIEW]

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Reynaldo Torres says:

Next time your in the area let me know id love to go fishing with you guys!

Clash With Bryce says:

Could lights be put on for night fishing?

Eire 32 says:

what if the engine breaks.?like is there oars for it?

Cory R says:

A good alternative to this would be the Bic Sportyak 245. My dad picked a used one up for me for Christmas for $400. Since then I put a Minn Kota 30lb thrust trolling motor with a little 12v battery and it runs great. I get out on the water almost everyday and go after some Snook and Jack along the mangroves. I love that little boat.

PTTHOR says:

When the battery dies in the middle of the lake, then what? If you could row this boat, I don’t think it would be easy!

Jose Ortega says:

what are the detentions of the boat? What size bed would I need to throw it in the back and secure it? I drive a tacoma.
Do you have an videos of how difficult it would be to pull it out of the water without the trailer? Thanks.

Charles Mahoney says:

omg i want one so bad

HookedOnTheBay says:

I have a trolling motor rigged on the back of my kayak and I go about 3.5mph top speed. I wonder how fast that goes? I would love to fish on one of those!

Ryan M says:

how good is it going shallow?

Gary Jones says:

I saw they were over 1000 dollars, you can get a Jon Boat for that much.

stitch16261 says:

How much do they cost?

Manny. K. father guardian protector. says:

You can tip a job boat. I’m 6 foot 6 so I’m not sitting in a kyak all damn day I’m definitely getting one. This summer!!

barry beatty says:


OkieBassMaster 12 says:

Basically a yeti tank with a deck and trolling motor

Roger Ly says:

wonder if theres a two person verison

Roundabout Watercrafts says:

We do have a canopy coming out this weekend for it. Watch our Facebook page and YouTube channel for the pics and video. Thank you to Salt Strong for doing this video we really appreciate it!

Florida Bearded Fisherman says:

so have you got some time on this? I am torn I like a ocean kayak big game prowler ii and this. what do you guys think?

Doug Rennick says:

My thoughts are to build a lightweight frame for this boat that could have you enclosed in the boat,with a space open to be able to fish from.:)

SuperBullies1 says:

It needs a trailer. It looks like an odd fit in the back of a truck bed, especially standing up like that.

WonderDonkey 505 says:

no live well?..

captain porkie says:

great review! you’ve answered most my questions about. not saying in going to sell kayak, I got too much invest to include pole rack, live well which I just completed in August, small electric ice chest with integrated small tackle box. Though it’s not powered. I refuse to power it at the moment cause in California it would then have to be registered and I don’t fully understand that part yet, though, it is in my future plans.

Cody Giles says:

Would there be any way to attach electronics to this craft? (Fish/Depth finder)

robert hines says:

Not meant for 2 people and not meant for 2 or 3 ft waves just flipped one luckily we were in 4 ft of water

Susan Damper says:

I love mine!!  Very stable and easy to use.  I got the 2 seat option and am glad I did!  I don’t fish, but live on a lake and wanted a way to enjoy the wildlife.  Perfect!

JovayElisabeth Sanchez says:

they should make a canopy for it

greg milstead says:

The Irish pub in using round boats for at least a thousand years, they call him coracles. look it up this is not a new idea matter fact it’s so old that is boring

Adam Davila says:

We’re can I buy one

Dalton Robertson says:


Sam Cart says:

to be continued…

Cha Siu Bao says:

it would be nice if it works with small gas engines.  6hp would be perfect.

Roundabout Watercrafts says:

HookedOn TheBay with a 55#thrust Minn Kota trolling motor it is right around 4 mph.

miankis williams says:


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