Solo-Launching a Big Boat

Capt. Terry Nugent of Riptide Charters on Cape Cod walks you through the steps he uses to launch his 33-foot Contender center console singlehanded. Check out the full article at

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David Rook says:

I had a big boat at one time, and during the fall I use to go offshore tuna fishing and unfortunately most of the time I was by myself.  Everything he did, is exactly how I launched my boat, but usually the dock was too far so I would have to get in the boat and bring it over to the dock.  The only drag I had was usually loading the boat meant getting a little wet from getting off the boat.  There is one suggestion I have, I have seen a lot of people hurt their legs or even break them jumping off the side or trying to land on the trailer to avoid getting wet while loading.  It is not worth it, get a boat ladder, or even a fold out ladder and keep it in the boat.

Robert Degirarde says:

will this method work with an aluminum boat with a bunk trailer?

Aaron T. says:

Ever thought of line to give it that little nug of the trailer.

Red Log In says:

Mercury verado it’s probably the worst motor you can put on contender .

Sleepy Toaster says:

This guy needs to chill w the rollers, I have them and never has an issue

Braidyn A says:

Me and my grandpa kinda do the same thing except everything is in the boat and I’m in it get it off the trailer go to the dock

gloxxify l says:

I would like for there to be a system for skilled launch/loaders to access a special lane, like how they have carpool lanes on the freeway, or express lanes at the grocery store. Take a test, if you can launch and re-load your boat in under 5 minutes total, you can get a pass to utilize the speedy lane. Every summer there’s a lot of less skilled people who will take a honest 20 or 30 minutes to launch or load their boats. We’ve all been there at one point as new boaters, but I think a system would save a lot of frustration and anger on boat ramps.

Christiane January says:

okay I Love You video butt I thought you was talking about and it’s good you’re explaining what to do but I thought he was talking too much DIY I pulled I didn’t put

locey magy says:

love to boat

Brett D says:

I don’t even have a boat. that said, that was a great video with damn sound advice​ and tips. good job man.
now I just need to get a boat and I’ll be all squared away.

Professor Fuzzy Mittens says:

definitely would cus this dickhead off shooting a video while waiting to launch

Tommy Hammernots says:

Why the fuck did I watch this? I don’t have a boat…

yves potvin says:

2 things I  always  do also  be sure the plug is in and I lift the  motor if I  go to a new  docking place not knowing how  deep saves props

wardope says:

One thing i absolutely cant stand about boaters They where sunglasses all the freaking time. Day, night, summer, winter, inside, and outside. Drop those sunglasses when you are not at sea or its not sunny outside !

Aidan Miller says:

Agree with most of this video EXCEPT for unhooking the winch and safety chain before the boat is in the water even with that safety line. We had a 25ft Stingray cabin cruiser a few years back where we did this on a bunk-style trailer and the boat came right off the trailer on to the pavement. Luckily just scrapes on the bottom of the hull occurred but much worse could’ve happened. NEVER try this trick on any boat bigger than a small bass boat with not much weight to it.

Papakap22 says:

badass truck man

kseminole says:


Rednecks Gone Wild says:

Nice Boat

Baylan Maverick Legacy says:

bang on how my father an I do it, bunk trailers are wonderful for boats of any size er shape. great video thanks for the upload man.

redsammy says:

I do not think he took that guy in the orange fishing . he was kinda goofy and creepy.

glassdave says:

i really like the emphasis on not tying up the dock unnecessarily, just takes a little thinking ahead and proper set up of your boat/trailer/truck. I’ve launched my 38 many many time by myself without issue and use many of the techniques here, mid cleat is is a favorite. Keep up the good work . . .

Random Person Who Doesn't Want Your Input- says:

Miss these vids, pls come back!

richard cero says:

there is missing in the video!!!

Michael Ranalli says:

Good video. Such a shame you have twin mercs on there. Gotta go Yamaha

Robert ONeill says:

Bourne MA .

Tru Blu says:

Thats a car not a truck.

Henry Romo says:

Hello,I’ve been doing this for 20+ years, but how come you didn’t show the moment between pulling it past the uprights to the dock. Good informational video.

Gay cha says:

Nice work there chap. How it should be done.


i would recommend tilting the motors up all the way before dumping her in the water too, (even if u know the ramp, its a good habbit) the bottom of the motor can hit the bottom when launching…better safe than sorry $$$$

Charles Turner says:

does anyone know what type/the name of midcleat he is using. thanks.

Gary Boze says:

Awesome video!

James Taylor says:

And while you are turning on the batteries you need to double check the plug is in, nothing worse than realizing your boat is sinking because you forgot to put the plug in.

jon doe says:

This guy took 10 minutes to launch the boat. Not the fastest way at all!

EEPoe says:

Wouldn’t the fenders be in the way when you launch?? Your guides are tight as you mentioned so the fenders couldn’t pass through. I made the mistake of trying to trailer my boat with the fenders out after a long evening.

Tru Groovin's MASTER says:

Roller trailers are for incompetent wealthy idiots that has plenty of money to buy a boat, but doesn’t have enough intelligence to launch it properly

Steve Bogdon says:

The wife and I just bought our first boat ( I had boats growing up but nothing for over 20 years ) Not wanting to upgrade in a few years we bought a 25 foot boat to fit our wish list. We have been worried about our first launch being this is our first time doing this together and my wife is very petite. This video was amazing, The bow line attached to the trailer is brilliant. Thank you!

alice fay says:


Ryan Smith says:

Best video I’ve seen on the topic. Would love to see a video from you guys showing how you get your boat on the trailer yourself.

nobody cares says:

that lying son of a bitch Johnson…

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