Video of 375 pound man trying out the Ultraskiff 360 watercraft

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Had a awesome time at the 2016 Tampa Florida Sportsman Expo. We had a lot of people demoing the Ultraskiff but this one gentlemen stood out in particular. We always receive questions on how the Ultraskiff will handle a really big guy. Check out this 375 pound guy taking the Ultraskiff for a test ride and giving an honest unpaid and unscripted review of the Ultraskiff 360.

For a lot of people the Ultraskiff has become a excellent alternative to fishing kayaks, duck boats, pond boats, jon boats, drift boats, float tubes, pontoon boats and SUP’s. These boats are great for Bass Fishing, Flats Fishing, Duck Hunting or pleasure boating. Thanks to the film crew and everyone that was involved in filming this exciting show. Subscribe and Follow us on our You Tube Channel, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


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Ray Boley says:

so far nobody has talk about price

Mike Lyons says:

You left your cell phone in the corner.

Vintage Vinny DIY says:

1,500 bux and you have to buy the center seat separately smh total 1,625 $

realbigdawg91 says:

I think you guys need a real big dawg to put this to the test I love this thing you didn’t even show all the storage and how well it puts fish on the deck.

Jose Sosa says:

where is the life jacket guys

crazy observations says:

How does this fit in a truck or does it need a special trailer. Ha ha looks great but there is a lot of important details missing here. I can imagine the price is ridiculous. Think i’ll stick with the kayak. i know it can go places that the ultraskiff cant.

Igor Ivanov says:

Cool !!!

Sam Percham says:

can we get these in Canada

Boba Defett says:

Well now we know a bear can safely ride on one of your boats.

Vintage Vinny DIY says:

It’s always nice to see new things especially when they work but be prepared for this company to rape you on the price could probably buy a very nice bass boat for the same price…and this is the problem!


i was there next to these guys at the Unfair Lures booth working at this fl expo. Its defiantly something different but a awesome product at that ive seen up close for people that dont like the whole kayak concept (bigger guys) this is a awesome idea your above the water in a more comfortable position for fishing and all around a home run for sure cant wait to see you guys this year at the fl expo show again hopefully.

Dave M says:

I wish you guys had a dealer in Canada, Im 275 lbs and would love to try this UltraSkiff out! It’s a fresh idea, it’s like having your own transportable mini floating dock!

The Bopper says:

If you got bigger men that want another big guys opinion on how well the Skiff performs for us…you can give them my email to reach out to me…I’ll give em the skinny. I fish my skiff on Lake Lanier and smaller bodies of water and she always does fine…even for a big dude.

jhony merlev says:

1. I want to know what is the price of this ultraskiff boat?
2. is there any sale of this ultraskiff boat in indonesia?
thank you..

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