Yon’e 22 – A Modern Mahogany Runabout

A Modern Mahogany Runabout – Also see “Features” below

While not wanting to take anything away from the beautiful mahogany boats of the past, I wanted to provide a modern mahogany runabout. One that is powered by a more maneuverable and more efficient sterndrive, rather than the typical inboard; one with very comfortable seating in a modern central cockpit, rather than split seating; one that is made from beautiful mahogany with a 10+ year finish; and one that can top 60 MPH.

The Yon’e 22 is a super strong, cold molded, lightweight boat. Combined boat & trailer weight is less than 3500 lbs., allowing it to be towed with a Class II hitch.

Construction starts with extra stiff stringers supporting traditional frames. Keel, chine, sheer, deck strong back and battens lay over this structure to form the skeleton of the boat. Then multiple layers of mahogany are first epoxied to this skeleton, and subsequently epoxied to each other (the cold molded technique) forming the complete hull & deck into a monolithic structure. Lots of sanding, 3 coats of epoxy, 10 coats of 2-part polyurethane, and 3 final spayed on coats of IMRON clear-coat provides a very durable, very long lasting, and very high gloss finish. (9 out of 10 people who see the boat “argue” with me and say that the boat is fiberglass.)

Every component for the boat I choose to be a step above standard. Along with the beautiful mahogany tilt steering wheel, it has high performance steering helm and cables, super flexible shift and throttle cables, all chromed bronze and stainless running hardware (no zinc or plastic). Bose marine speakers compliment the upscale Sony stereo, and no maintenance teak-like flooring in the cockpit. I also used the softest and best marine vinyl available — plush Ultra-Leather.

For power, I choose the Mercruiser SeaCore version of the 6.2L with the Bravo I sterndrive. This combination on a light-weight boat provides unbelievable performance. Just ease the throttle a notch beyond idle and she is up on plane without any bow-high tendencies. (There are lifting features on the hull bottom at the chine that provide lift and stability at slow speeds.) Now check that all aboard are ok. Bring the throttle up half way and you are forced back in your seat and are doing 30 — 35 MPH almost instantly. The modified V bottom gives a nice comfortable ride. Now check again that all aboard are ok, and advance the throttle all the way. Again, you are forced back in your seat and in seconds are doing about 60 MPH. Again, comfortably. I’ve been told that “it’s almost too much fun to drive”. There is an awesome amount of torque available from that 6.2L.

My inspiration for the Yon’e 22 was based on the Riva Ariston and the present day Chris Craft Lancer 22. I have to say that this boat has met and surpassed all my desires. I could not be happier with its appearance or performance. If I get to build more of them I would not make any changes to this Modern Mahogany Runabout.


MerCruiser Inboard/Outboard
V8 377 C.I.D. MPI FWC – SeaCore 320 HP
Bravo I Stern Drive – transom exhaust
Remote Oil Filter
Remote Engine Flush
Remote Oil Drain
1000 MCA Battery with ON/OFF Switch
3 Blade SS prop
45 Gallon fuel tank
Mahogany Tilt Steering Wheel
Teleflex High Performance Controls and Cables
Soft ultra-leather marine vinyl
Faria Gauges
– Oil Pressure – Temperature
– Fuel – Battery Voltage
– 4″ Tachometer – 4″ Speedometer
– Digital Depth Sounder
Sony AM/FM CD Player Stereo
Dash Mounted Remote Control w/IR remote
Bose Marine Speakers
Auto/Manual Bilge Pump
Dual Blowers
Navigation Lights
Air powered horn
Removable Seat Cushions (3) with storage under each
Storage under cockpit floor
Storage under forward deck with Double Door Access
Stainless Steel, Brass, and Bronze hardware.
Owners Manual with all equipment documentation.
Hull Sides and Transom – 1/2″ thick Cold Molded – 2
inner layers of 3 mm 3 ply occumme mahogany marine
plywood plus outer layer of 1/4″ Utile Mahogany
Hull Bottom – 1/2″ thick Cold Molded – 4 layers of 3mm
3 ply maranti mahogany marine plywood covered with 6
oz fiberglass cloth
Deck 1/2″ thick Cold Molded – inner layer of 6 mm 5 ply
Maranti Mahogany marine plywood plus outer layer of
1/4″ Utile Mahogany
10 Year Finish – High Tech / Low Maintenance – 3
coats of epoxy over stain followed by 10 coats of 2 part
polyurethane followed by 3 coats of Imron 600


hdoug5 says:

beautiful boat !

louis swanson says:


Cody Harless says:

outstanding build, what does she have under the hood?

Rob Carter says:

Very nice

ririshow says:

Beautiful boat and great accomplishment! If i may give my opinion i regret the Z drive installation which in my view alters the beauty of the transom.

Kona Kevin says:

That is one of the MOST BEAUTIFUL boats I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing.

Casey Bush says:

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Joe Craven says:

I have never seen a more beautiful boat. Just gorgeous.

Mike Johnson says:

Whoever redid this did a beautiful job. Anybody know where they are in Florida?

anthony herrett says:

great looking boat Bill, where did you get the plans? 22 feet long, it look very wide too compared to other designs, 7 feet+? Very nice.

joeventura1 says:

It’s stunning!


WOW !! What else is there to say !   I wish I had the money for that boat, would buy it in a heart beat ! Well done !!

C.S.Rodney says:

excellent build, thats a sweet boat where can I get the building plans for it?

cliff jamerson says:

Great job !

Shawn McClusk says:

Hi Bill,  You have an amazingly beautiful boat. I Love the fact that you merged the old with the new. I have been looking to build a wooden boat with my son as a bonding project and to create memories for centuries! Could you please tell me where you got the plans from? I would love to purchase a set so my son and I, could start building memories like my dad and I did.Thank youShawn

shayson1357 says:

fine boat you have there.

barry blauvelt says:

I found the link, very nice job Bill. enjoy! and thanks.

Robert Purdy says:

just gorgeous! I’m just building a little Malihini but this is still really inspiring!

GoMiGman says:

Very nice!  Love the sound of that motor, too.  I’m dying to build something very similar and have been thinking about it for a long time, now.  That almost looked like Canberra wood, a sub-species of mahogany because of that yellowish part of the grain.  That’s what I would use as well.  Outstanding.

IantheWoodcraftsman says:

Great Job, Bill! Where did you get the plans? Thanks, Ian.

patw999 says:

Very very nice, something to be proud of.

Pam Candas says:

Great achievement. Imagine if everyone — or at least a lot many more of us — was capable of this level of accomplishment and productivity?

Mrcaffinebean says:

Perhaps the pretty boat build on YouTube!

pmnfernando says:

I am considering building the Montecarlo runabout, ive got the plans already, but i have some questions i would like to discuss/have a second opinion

Is there a way to comunicate with you?
My email: pmnfernando@gmail.com


Colin Henley says:

about how much did this project cost bill? very beautiful boat you made by the way good job!

james P says:

wow she is a beauty where would i get the plans for it . grate job

Mike Parry says:

Very few man made things are beautiful. But there are a few.

TT k says:

Work of art!

flyguy737 says:

Hey Bill, nice to see more of your work. Still have the Monaco? I’m building a 28′ Miss Chris with staggered 6.2 mercs. Got delayed by falling in love with airplanes.

Crafted says:

Wow, I wish you would sit down in front of a camera and the boat. Look at these questions under the videos and answer them. Beautiful workmanship! Love to know her adventures and what you’ve learned since you started the project.

geoff says:

A beautiful boat, a bit like a Riva.

AR1G3 says:

I see you started with the Glen L Tahoe 19′ plans, how did you modify the boat to compensate for the weight being shifted backwards because of the relocation of the engine?

Merica Audit’ Stir’ says:

Mostly fiberglass?

Mr. Inzeo says:

Gorgeous and truly amazing. if you ever want sell I am very interested. thank you for sharing.

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