1978 O’day 25 sailboat.

1978 O’day 25 foot sailboat walkthrough while underway in the Indian River, Central Florida.


Steve's ArtOfSailing says:

Greeat video, i just subscribed to your channel. i had a very simular set up as you have. The autopilot is such a big help, just remember to keep your stern anchor away from it, The metal anchor effects the compass in the autopilot. i just posted a vid showing how i set up a storm jib and 160% jib as a schooner rig for light air. I loved my O’Day so much, i still mis her alot. its a great extended weekend boat, she also handles great, the only small issue i had was not being able to get close to the wind with only a genoa foresail.
Thank you for posting, im looking forward to more of your vids, happy sailing.

polok890 says:

thanks for the video, very nice boat

Cris Dittrich says:

Thank you, this video was great! We are looking at a1977 tomorrow to take out this season.

Kyle Bartruff says:

I have a 76 Oday 22MH and I am kinda looking at your boat in regret. haha. Looks awesome

Allen Michaels says:

Great little cruiser thanks for the tour!

Diane R. says:

I have this boat, a 1983, with a Yanmar inboard diesel. my first boat w/a cabin/head, etc. (sailing since i”m a chid). stupid question–our electric all of a sudden stopped working (cabin lights won’t go on-). any suggestions? are there fuses? 🙂 thx

nos10racer says:

awesome I also have a o’day 25 !!!

BRUSHWOLF2718 says:

cant hear you with the whend

Adolfo Arrieta says:

thanks for answering. i live in costa rica central América. here there are great places to sail.thats i want to buy a sail boat and learn about it. i have thought go to usa and buy an affordable one and sent it by a cargo ship. but no idea how much is gona cost me that. Amy idea.

O'day 35 says:

That wiring in the lazarette is SCARY!.

ZPraterful says:

Great video! I’m going to look at an O’Day 25 tomorrow and this was super helpful to see the layout!

Sam McClendon says:

Great vid! I am an experienced sailor looking to buy a 25 ft O Day please let me know if you have any advice thanks!!

Adolfo Arrieta says:

i want to buy a small sailing boat and haven:’t decided among oday or bristol but your boat looks great.

thai nguyen says:

nice boat bud..

Adolfo Arrieta says:

how muchos cost a boat like that

s west says:


James Fitzsimmons says:

Someone in my city (Cape Coral) is selling an oday 23 it didn’t have an engine or trailer and I’m going to go take a look at it asap he only wants 500

Timothy Hutton says:

Would you feel safe sailing this up the coast and up through the Bahamas.

Admiral Genius says:

I have 25 foot westerly tiger. much the same thing. perfect size for weekend use. sail mine in lake superior. have the same auto tiller which is a must. I manage about 600 miles a year in mine.

Moses Moye says:

Just bought a 1983 O’Day 25. Your video is very helpful! Thank you for posting!

Tim O'Brien says:

Thanks for your video very informing.. l saw a 25′ O’Day on ebay that sold for $203.. after watching your video l would of considered buying a O’Day.. Have you ever saw one with a Volvo sail drive?

Steve's ArtOfSailing says:

i had the same boat and i loved it. lol, i remember every inch of it! the 2.5 draft was really nice when finding a spot to anchor. i learned so much from that boat. it was big enough to play in small craft but responded fairly fast to gusts. i remember surfing in the 25 O’day in 4 to 6 foot swells,lol.
now i have a 36 Catalina and i wish i sailed her more than i do.

Richard Dietzen says:

Nice galley table and drawer! Did you make it from a plan?
What type of galley pump did you use?

I have a ’77 and have thought about putting my 6000 BTU AC in a horizontally split 2 piece (above and below) frame into the companionway, to allow step-over, using an inserted third piece to stabilize the top of the unit and support weight.

Benjamin Abood says:

Great video! Love my 25 as well. Would you happen to have the dimensions for the air conditioner mount? Won’t be back to my boat in a few weeks and I am looking to add air as well so was hoping I could cut the pattern at home and take it with me.

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