1980 Catalina 22 Sailboat Detailed Interior Review

Part 1 of a series of videos on the ubiquitous Catalina 22 swing keel trailerable sailboat.
A sailboat video series designed with the new enthusiast in mind, or for those who love to reminisce…


Andrew Jones says:

Best Catalina 22 vid on youtube. Keep up the good work!

Vernon Slone says:

Hey I got 2 of those light house pillows..LOL…

Joan Browne says:

Great primer video on the Cat 22′, Juan! Dean and I used to sail Capri 22’s on San Diego Bay as members of Harbor Island Yacht Club, which only featured Capris in the 22′ model, plus other larger craft–all rentals owned by the Club! We passed our quals during the America’s Cup Regatta ahead of the Cup Race in 1988–it was a roaring baptism by fire but an exhilarating accomplishment! Many great memories of times on those 22’s and the 280 (I think Hunter) in San Diego Bay! Happy Sailing to the Brownes! 😉

thedrloboski stevens says:

Catalina is one of the thinnest hull boats you can buy. It is clean though. It is No Hunter which are guaranteed to right them selves. The swing keel is nice for beginner sailors or spend a lot of time around shallow waters., The pope tops are really unsafe in a heavy storm or heavy wind. My bud blew the whole top off in a 50 plus mph wind with both sail and jib up. When he let the boat turn us it was all over and we were 8 feet mass in the water. There heavy but when a wind fills the boat with air and you calculate the square footage by the pressure you can find your self in trouble fast. Make sure The Locks are Locked. As far as the swing keel I ran mine up lots of time as it increases speed on the Hunter. As far as going out the gate they say if you can sail in the bay it’s self in a major storm you can sail anywhere in the world. 70 to 80 mph storm here. I also don’t recommend sailing in Lake Tahoe unless you really know what your doing either. Sailing is really relaxing on nice days but if you are into a life and death rush in major storms or heavy wind there’s no better rush. I spent 11 days not being able to walk and 21 days in a walker and it was one of the most best sailing trips we were ever on. The only reason this happen was because I let the owner take control of his boat while I was on my knees taking a pee off the front of the boat. Was hung up in the life lines and under water. lol. I don’t normally pee off of a boat at anytime let alone in 50 plus mph winds but I just figured he wasn’t going to be able to handle it. And I was right! lol. This happen in hurricane alley. I still have him on video saying when we left San Fran bay, Don’t worry, i know what am doing. When sailors say that, that’s a red flag..lol. My bud latter went on to take my other buddy out to the Golden Gate and rolled the boat out there almost drowning my bud. lol. Then there was the time I was sailing her on the east side of Angel Island as a big fairy came by and he had open the front hatch just as I told him not to 2 minutes before as I was in back training the 15 year old kid and filled the boat with water with 2 feet of sea water…lmao. I could go on, I think your getting the idea…LOL. Read your books, Wear your life jackets and Trust no one..lol.

Renaissance Recorders says:

Owned and lived on a Ct-41 Ketch in Hawaii for several years and then bought and lived with the family plus a dog on a Ct-54 ketch in San Diego for 9 years. Cant wait Juan until you get into the knuckle busting aspects, and the “its a hole in the water you throw money into” part not to mention what are the two best days of owning a sailboat…ciao grazie

jbc1944 says:

Nice shadow of the Drone on the mainsail !!

Richard Weber says:

Great video….Perfect size family day/lake sailer. I sense a lot of good memories are in store for everyone on this Cal. 22.
Smooth Sailing.

Atka59 says:

Sailing is great fun and intellectual stimulation for young minds; as you have to process many variables continually to safely and effectively captain a sailing vessel. I used to sail a 30′ Newport, in fact when I was 13 and my friend was 15 we sailed that boat by ourselves from Marina del Rey to the Isthmus at Catalina and back under full spinnaker for a 3 day coming of age weekend. We were lucky to have parents that trusted us enough to go on such an adventure, but I think they saw that it would build character and self reliance that would serve us well throughout our lives.

You got a good deal on that vessel. Keep some marine epoxy and fiberglass material on board if you go on any extended trips. You are so right about sleeping on a boat, it is one of the real luxuries of owning one! Enjoy.

av des says:

I love this, and look forward to the next. I wish I didn’t get so sick on boats.

Dare Dare says:

Sailed on a 1979 30 ft Catalina for MANY years. Yes fixed fin keel.Yanmar 1 lunger. Supper foregiving boat. Same Full rigged slop. A Spinaker is fun to fly.

cember01 says:

a fun part about boats and campers is all those little storage compartments.

Steve Burg says:

This is probably one of the best videos I’ve ever seen for a “boat tour.” A lot of us cruise YouTube watching model specific videos, hoping to pick up one or two tidbits of info out of dozens (if there are dozens) of 5-10 min videos. This one video topped all of that in one place. Thank you for going through the effort of making it.

lee sherman says:

Avast ye Matey! A most clean Cat 22. Cheap thrills for sure. A swell ship for the skipper, but a hell ship for the crew!

unclejack123 says:

that’s a lot of boat (& trailer) for 4grand …………….. JRW

420kushmaster says:

Ill never buy an old boat again.

tortillamilk says:

But it’s a C-22. Haha! If it was built in ’47 it would be cool, Juan!

lee sherman says:

B.O.A.T. Bust Out Another Thousand!

Vladimir Susloparov says:

Отличная яхта! Желаю успеха , процветания ! Владимир СПб

Lloyd Velasquez says:

Keep the shiny side up Juan. Carry on soldier.

Blue Wave says:

Another great video, thanks! You are a really interesting guy — planes, motorcycles, boats, hiking, spillways, nice family and cute kids, etc. What’s next? But still can’t believe you filled in your pool. My old house had a pool and I sure do miss jumping in after gardening.

Cleate Rose says:

Congrats on the channel. I learned to sail on Catalina 27’s and 30’s. Catalina, Newport, MacGregor all used to build in Socal. All gone now….

Craig Marston says:

A vetran sail maker told me of the “boat owner” conditioning exercises you need to perform before owning a boat.
1) Remove the screen on your shower drain. 2) Put on rain slickers. 3) turn water on full cold. 4) stand and rip up $100 dollar bills, watch them dissapear down the drain. But would not change my 30 years of boating for nothing.

Teach a man to fish says:

How did you know I want a Catalina 22? Again, I came for the dam updates and am staying for all this other great, relevant content!

caahacky says:

First time I’ve belly laughed at your channel – description of the wiring. Definite thumbs up.

bstbkr 718 says:

money talks and bullshit walks

nashguy207 says:

Nice video Juan. Thanks for the information. I have heard some about the history of the catalina’s I have sailed a little most power boated for about 25 to 30 years. We are boatless at the moment and do not miss them. LOL You know what they say the two happiest days of a boater is when they buy there first boat and sell there last one. LOL

john brace says:

wow you never stop amazing me should have your own show so interesting keep on with the Dam cheers john

Michael Marriam says:

A friend at work just bought a 25 ft Catalina. He’s in heaven. Thanks for the walk through. Good sailing.

Jpaul Parker says:

As I quickly found out, learning to sail is pretty easy…learning to sail WELL takes,a little bit if time.

Joe Silva says:

Great video Thanks

cember01 says:

I’d have some fun with that wiring. Re-run it all with the proper size and grades. Nice and neat, tied down, quality waterproof connections. Probably some solar panels if there’s a place to put them. Modern LED lights take very little electricity, so built in lights would be pretty tempting.

Ken A says:

I just woke up…having my first cup of coffee. This video really made my day! Thanks so much for sharing. I’ve never been on a tour of a small sailboat. Thanks so much Juan for sharing!

Rodney Owen says:

Definition of boat: a hole in the water into which you pour money and time. Owners typically spend ten hours of maintenance for each hour of sailing.

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