2017 Gozzard 41 Sailing Yacht – Deck and Interior Walkaround – 2016 Annapolis Sailboat Show

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Joost Wichers says:

I would really like to know the color of the boat, do you have a RAL color ?

s. Giustino says:

all of that beautiful craftmanship and then it is spoiled with that UGLY BLUE CORION COUNTERTOPS.

Lord Eli says:

Ah how I wish I could live out that dream

Isaias amaro says:

Quanto custa em em moeda brasileira

dougefresh133 says:

That is one beautiful boat. Exquisite craftsmanship.

Igor Jugo says:

Inside looks like it is a 30 ft boat….bad space management….but beautifully done

Jan Šinkovec says:

Very beautiful design!

todd parsons says:

Lovely boat. A bit surprised at the small coamings on port and starboard in the cockpit. Otherwise stellar. Cool to see they are going with beta marine as OEM engine choice. So easy to service. Thanks for the video!

madtrappa says:

hgmmmmmmmmmmmmm one of the best simple vids shownig a boat. thanks for sharing

John Penniston says:

The layout for the size is very optimize. Like the way the kitchen wraps around and the overhead windows. The Galley extends all the way to the front of the boat. Full bed and standup shower in back.

nathan feldman says:


zrRyan2 says:

Whale Oil Beef Hooked ! You’re not in Bayfield any more boys, but I can see the proud heritage from here. Looks lovely.

Deckie Deckie says:

Never heard of Gozzard boats….

jwrappuhn71 says:

Very nice indeed.

Joseph Meece says:

Very nice

TeeFunkable says:

I love this boat. I have no idea how she sails, I’m presuming slow as all hell, but she looks good. This is something we don’t get in Europe these days: boats that opt for classic looks and sexiness over performance and sensibility. This is the cadillac of the seas: not the best build quality, not the best performance, but plenty of _that_something,_

david SV Peregrine says:

copy of a vagabond 42 exterior 25 footer inside, poor use of space….except for the anchor line 10ft storage

Kraken Kissed Sailing Adventures says:


Susann K says:

looks like a knock off (I say jestingly) of our old family boat! A 1973 Alden Dolphin 47 “Moon Goddess”. Wish I could insert a picture here!

Drew Labat says:

I’m sure it’s well made, looks rugged, but ugly exterior with a awful interior layout.. even for just a couple sailing..

Frédéric Lagneau says:

Change cameraman, or learn to film. It shows nothing, no interesting plan. No broad plan.

Mum Blic says:

This video is from the RC version. The pamphlet at 5:58 is from the non RC version

Birgül TANGÖR says:

Very beautiful Harika ellerinize sağlık. O elleri öperim ben. Ahhh para aahhh

MrSamson59 says:

Very very beautiful

Deckie Deckie says:

know nothing ’bout sail boatas/sailing….but sure is a pretty boat….

mangore623 says:

Typically Canadian: about forty years behind the times, and too stupid to recognize this fact. As if the waterwways need to be contaminated with more ugly boats!

Daniel Gorz says:

Wow, I am in Love!


Love the Raked Bow it has William Garden Written all over it! Nice heavy displacement and I’m sure very Comfortable ride in the rollers!

Pinto Bean says:

I don’t guess I’d turn it down if somebody gave it to me… but I just don’t like that boat. Pretty much nothing about it.

I wouldn’t say it in front of the boat because a boat has a soul and needs to feel love too… but that’s one butt-ugly boat. It wasn’t her fault. The folks who designed her didn’t love her.

Locharald Johansson says:

Well laid out for shorthanded sailing, but she is a day sailer as opposed to bluewater, short of that very vital masters cabin, the excess of her bulk is in her nose, really just a twenty five footer with a long nose, but I like the shape of the stern layout

vedat doğruç says:

very nıce desıng

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