3] Buying our 35′ Hallberg-Rassy Sailboat | Abandon Comfort – Sailing The World

So there you have it. We finally bought a boat. Now the real fun begins!

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paralentor says:

Better get acquainted with repairing one of the most expensive and hard to reach diesel engines in sailboats.

Greg Colin says:

Looks like a much nicer boat than the last one. Did you have an inspection done or did you decide to forgo the inspection for some reason?

Casondra Brewster says:

Reviewing your process…again, so I can slow the Viking’s roll. He wants to buy the boat right NOW. Loved the text message sequence. Hehe.

Dave Mills says:

Funny Talking Heads – Once In A Lifetime is one of the songs on my “leaving town” playlist when I get my boat.

Philosopher Prince says:

COngrats! Looks strong! What does the insurance get ya and who is the insurer. Thanks

Timothy Endsley says:

Did you look at cats? If so why did you not go with a cat?

WeBDaEMoN33 says:

Holy cow.. I admit I almost teared up at 16:00 such a sweet moment

Leif djurfeldt says:

HR!!!  swedish boat!!! <3

Aaron ___ says:

the boat was $30k?

leojoshua21 says:

You should follow Jim around and do his story. Far more interesting and intriguing that two millennials living as minimalists.

Slappy says:

Fascinating video of you texting. I couldn’t stop watching. Until I did stop watching.

Katrina Nogosek says:

omg it was only 30k??????
how did you find it!?

Counterrevolutionary Tendencies says:

Got to get a boat and get out there, enough land living.

Jerry Lifsey says:

Just a couple of minutes into this video…you have to hurry to wire the money? No contingency for an inspection first??

mapmat2626 says:

how much did you spend

Jethro B says:

Congratulations, I started bin watching and so far have enjoyed the journey, well the Talking Heads was a big plus.

D H says:

I like the hull shape on this boat, and I like how the rudder is protected and reinforced.. where there any other boat brands you guys considered which had these qualities? It seems like all of the mainstream brands have fin keels and spade rudders…

joel1239871 says:

You did these videos right.  Great editing, nice story line, pretty lead star (sorry, I’m talking about the woman), and a good timeline between the scenes.  Oh, it’s about boats, so triple the interest!!  Thanks for posting you two!

Ronnie Ellis says:

Congratulations, on starting your adventure. I just subscribed. Bought a 30′ Cape Dory, myself.

wrthrash says:

THAT girl got in your car? Wow, lucky man. Hope you had the sense to name the boat after her, if not, hurry up and do it.

Diskawrs says:

Great to see what you have done and how you getting along with the new life. I hope to do the same in 2.5/3years from now, hopefully I can find that one HR39 or 42 which I can afford and call my home for the years to come. Surprised that you found one for that price. 😀

Timo Summer says:

pronounced “hall – berry”! = Hallberg ..
made here in Sweden !

William Andersen says:

Halbert Rassy!! So lucky

Anders Eriksen says:

Hey guyes, congrats. with Ur Swedish build yacht, about your question to Jim on “how long will the deck last”, how to maintain your wooden deck, check Walsted Yard/Denmark homepage

hustlecoral vlogs says:

Awesome My gf & I subbed we LOVE saltwater & coral but were from Ontario,Canada My dad own s a marina but it doesnt look like yours haha !! Check us out if you have time 😀

Cody Szaro says:

I love these videos. When I saw you guys were from Tampa I knew I had to make this dream a reality.

Guido Tagliapietra says:

Congratulations the boat is great and what price… 30k is crazy for HR

- - says:

Older i get… i always thought of doing something like this.. awesome to beable to say fuck it and do it.. props to you!

Superform says:

how did you go with the teak deck? are you going to replace it and if so how much are you thinking it will cost?

Rich Poinvil says:

Switch banks. You have your money in their bank and you couldn’t withdraw above a certain a mount???
This is the law:
Federal law allows you to withdraw as much cash as you want from your bank accounts. It’s your money, after all. Take out more than a certain amount, however, and the bank must report the withdrawal to the Internal Revenue Service, which might come around to inquire about why you need all that cash.

By the way, I just started watching and subscribed yesterday. Love it.

willy mueller says:

I thought you bought a boat, why are you showing a car ?
I stopped at minute two.

Eileen Krol says:

please actually go somewhere now…

FrenchAM100 says:

Just subscribed, lot of,boat for the money, happy and safe travels guys and look forward to updates. Andy – Sussex, UK

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