32. FREE SAILBOAT – Too Good To Be True? – DIY Sailing

They say “There’s nothing more expensive than a free boat,” but craigslist has some unicorns every now and then. This 1978 Endeavor 32 we picked up has a 2004 Westerbeke 20B Two engine in it with 270 hours, newer rigging, sails, and in-mast furling, new bronze thru-hulls, seacocks, and a recent full bottom job that repaired blisters and applied a barrier coat, and new anti-fouling.

How can you get your own free boat? Well, there’s no secret to it. Be diligent about checking craigslist every day.


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Learning the Lines is a channel about us, an average couple in our 20’s, with big dreams to be sailing the world by the time we’re in our 30’s. We’re not afraid to jump into anything, put in the work, and learn as we go. For this reason our channel is very DIY focused, with the goal to show anyone watching that a lot is possible if you’re not afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

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Rick Beddoe says:

Good boat at an awesome price! Sure. No such thing as a ‘free’ boat, but you are way ahead of the game.

And I laugh at the intro of you guys dropping the mast followed by the *bleep* 😀

Fon Hollohan says:

Pay it back give it away. What you sow your shall reap. And the harvest is always greater than the seed.

Diana Dussan says:

you got your 32 for free. Give your old boat to someone for free. Pay it forward.

spencer marshall says:

Those boats were originally marked as cost effective coastal sailing vessels. Then their blue water handling characteristics were revealed and many made ocean passages. They are still no doubt many on passage throughout the Mediterranean today having made the leap across.

PISQUE1969 Francis says:

what the hey …. if the boat at least floats, everything else can be done as you go. My pension won’t pay for a boat unless I have a loan, or I can “pay as I go”, along the way while living on the boat

Jonathan Toledo says:

How was it free

Cleer Vie-EWE says:

What do you mean “you never delivered a boat before”?

Timothy Neff says:

You two have perked our interest. Thank you for the great videos.

Adam Coleman says:

Just tripped and stumbled across your endeavor. It’s a very brave and exciting way to go through life I would have loved to pursue decades ago or possibly within the next dew years to get away from it all IF We The People survive what’s coming….


Hey brother if you ever want to pay it forward I’m always willing to take a boat lol

Shawn Hale says:

That sailboat would bee like a yatch for me I would live on it for an very long time

tabbert Ffb says:

I do not understand why you are so sad you can also smile every now and then in your city you can not be forbidden it must be sad

BF Peake says:

5 star, yup, chit happens. we find boats for sale cheap and yes, sometimes free too down in the keys. much luck n love folks ~

Jimmy Davis says:

Just found y’alls channel so happy you to are doing this while your young wish I had went for it when I was your age. I wish you all the luck in the world the adventure has just started for y’all ill be watching ☺ sailing y’all

John Roddy says:

Well done what a great couple

I Vigeo says:

that boat is in great shape for free. You should see the boats people are asking thousands of dollars for around here in NJ

DD826 says:

I lived near Titusville back in 1955 to 1961. We lived out near the Cape Canaveral, my dad worked on the space program.

KoolBreeze420 says:

How was it free?

randalljames says:

so you got a free boat, and are worried about how much you can sell your old one for…. how about a craigslist ad… pay it forward… be good Karma.. (good boat name too)

fro mee says:

Why don’t ya give it away for free, like ya seem to be only too happy to be on the receiving end of generosity.

Justin Johnson says:

Love sailboats but they are money pits!My dad had a 72 foot sailboat and there was always something to fix!

DD826 says:

you will pay later, that boat needs a ton of work and money

Max Stevens says:

Dont believe it.

Marc Goudreau says:

I dunno, I don’t believe there’s ever been a boat built that let its owners off for free. The 2 happiest days in life, the day you buy your boat and the day you sell it. On the other hand, if you’re going to explore the world there’s only one choice.

Fon Hollohan says:

Congrats this is awesome stuff happy to see this.

ron sutterfield says:

have fun

Vine Len says:

As I’m sure you’re finding out, there’s no such thing as a free boat…..lol. Good luck with her.

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