37. The Reality of Getting a FREE SAILBOAT | Learning the Lines – DIY Sailing

What happens when you get a sailboat for FREE? You spend a lot of money, a lot of time, and do a lot of work! That’s the reality of getting a free sailboat.

We continue with the start of the refit on our Endeavour 32. Our first goal is to make the boat as water-tight as possible, and the old portlights leak so bad they’ve made it to priority one. We remove all of our 10 portlights in this video, but not without a fight. Either the original yard or a previous owner (there were many) used an adhesive instead of sealant to bed the portlights, making them almost impossible to remove without damage. Because of this, it doesn’t look like we’ll be able to refurbish and replace ANY of them, so we’re now looking for affordable new portlights to replace them.


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Learning the Lines is a channel about us, an average couple in our 20’s, with big dreams to be sailing the world by the time we’re in our 30’s. We’re not afraid to jump into anything, put in the work, and learn as we go. For this reason our channel is very DIY focused, with the goal to show anyone watching that a lot is possible if you’re not afraid to make some mistakes along the way.

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Sam D. says:

There’s no description! How do I get a tee?

Captain Mark Gray says:

Use a HEAT GUN and stiff puddy knife to help remove the portlights. Wear a GOOD mask to avoid poison fumes.

F Huber says:

The most expensive boat you can “buy”is the “free” one.

Because its likely to cost you your life.

Chesbay Windseeker says:

It’s always frustrating to see folks dealing with the stupidity of the previous owner going crazy with the 5200.  My word, when will people stop using 5200 for everything, it’s a adhesive, not a sealant.  Rant over…

runristaren2 says:

since the interior is destroyed anyway why not put in lexan portlights and only have a few that can open? ?that would save some money and you can even have a new more modern look in the cabin.

George Mulligan says:

That boat is built like a tank

Simon Benson says:

Well done guys hatches and port lights are a pain to sort out but you’re right that they are key to keeping your boat nice and dry. Buy the best you can afford and consider what you are doing with the headlining before you fit them. i.e. don’t glue the internal trim. Hey what do I know, I’m sure you’ve got it covered! Keep up the good work!

Watchman says:

Dude you did more damage than good you created alot of extra work for yourself and a boatload of expenses!

TheCaptainOnTour says:

Learning… sure. But do some general reading into sailing before. Any heavy weather sailing book or experience will make you realize that boats capsize and those port lights have to be watertight to a fair pressure in the event of a capsize. And you wonder why they are sealed so well? The ones that popped right out are cause for concern as in a knockdown situation they would likely pop right out on impact depending on the condition of the 40 year old retaining screws and plastic on the other side of the roof. Surely if you googled “how to remove port lights” before embarking on such a major project you would have all the info you needed to avoid some of the mess? Well done for getting it done though.

Nate Reynolds says:

Someone probably sealed that stuck port light with sikaflex

Thomas Miracle says:

What about using motor home windows as replacements ? They would slide open, and has a screen…

Philip Tessaro says:

Love what you are doing…..I am envious…a new adventure…..unknown is full of hope…..

SailnBlue says:

Destroying interior veneers is painful to watch. Preemptively scoring the veneer to prevent this is of course what was needed at the very least if one cannot make sure the portlight is cut free from the old adhesive. Everything is repairable, but why make work for yourself?

nathan says:

lol american kids. “its only the first one and its really hard”but you filmed it all so your golden. welcome to boats.

theislandpackrat says:

That’s why you use Butyl tape, wont leak and last for years, and comes off!

Sailing Bertha says:

sooooo hard to watch- but we subscribed to see where you go with the projects!

杨超 says:


Larry Kramer says:

Considering their cost and you had to destroy them, I might have tried patching any leaks.

Matthew Manges says:

A lot of sailboat builders used 3M 5200 which is permanent structural bonding… Windows are not permanent LOL. Wait till you remove depth sensor with 5200. I bought a cheap chain saw… They should only be using 3M 4400 for windows. But hey, buying bulk saved them pennies only cost you thousands in boatyard labor LOL. I went through the same thing on my Watkins 32.

Ron Shoe says:

How do i destroy a boat? What a shame!

Jaap Schouten says:

This week watcht all youre vlogs!)love what youre doing!)

Bob Fomenko says:

Correction, this is the reality of getting a old boat and refitting it. Don’t matter if its free or you paid full price for it. They all need work. The oscillating tool would have helped if you used it around the inside more too, but it looked like it was 5200 or some other adhesive and there is not good way except destructive to get them out. Got to have a dry boat.
Get New found metal ports. You can get the ones that are part plastic and part metal, and save some money. Use butyl tape to bed them in.

gareth price says:

why does the guy keeps calling his girlfriend randy? is he a pervert or is she randy? from the UK

Cptn Uwe's Pirate Tales says:

shop around for port lights there are a lot of bargans out there, wow for real you just destroyed the inside are you sure thats where its leaking before you do the others well decision made well done thanks

Fleugar OutDoors says:

There is no such thing as a free boat. A boat is a hole in the water to throw in money. I have owned a couple of boats, spent loads of money and time to the point it was no longer enjoyable.

Sailing Ceil 3 says:

Good luck with your channel, I subscribed, I have just uploaded another video keep in touch https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vw27ezswlNA

George Mulligan says:

After the recent Florida hurricanes there are thousands of those available for pennies on the dollar from all the Salvage boats

Nixon says:

Good Tube

tyler robertson says:

i would guess that the one that fell right out was your leaker and the rest probably just fine

DaddytechEnt says:

*you ever think of putting up a top down LED flood light atop your mast? if you get a bright enough light it can replace daylight completely*

Edward Thompson says:

Appreciate the detail, “reality” and all.

Mike Pendley says:

You don’t need to caulk inside the boat.

You caulk the outside to keep the water from getting in.

James Kahl says:

I think y’all going to go a long ways with this site to normal people working at a hard to get the dream together

iviewforfun says:

I carried out a similar job on my boat, but I struggled to find replacements quickly. I found the tape I had used to seal the plastic over the holes, left a residual mark on the GRP which I found very difficult to remove. Only meant as a heads up. Mike

Garth Purnick says:

Enjoying your videos! What is the name of the song at the end?

Howard Bull says:

I had wrecked port lights and had stainless surrounds lasered out and sandwiched polycarbonate sheet between the stainless and the grp.

Mike Hradecky says:

Dude. They sell replacement gaskets, screens, screws, dogs, everything you need to reseal them.

Rune Martin Guldberg says:

Dont demolish your boat. Removing your portlight is reducing your structural integrity. And your are making so much extra jobs that in the end it will save time to build a new boat insted. Those portlights was real quality. Use some stuff to seal them rather. If you removed those lips only and added som sealing agent you would be ok. This is a overkill and it will add 99 percent extra job to make you boat finished.

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