Air Conditioning on a Sailboat? Yes, & It’s Battery Powered!

How do you run the Air Conditioner off Batteries on your sailboat? We’re finally sharing the details in this vid.
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Love from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa

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Charlie Odom says:

Sounds like I would need a couple Tesla battery packs to keep me comfortable!

80a is really low draw for a 16k ac unit.

issaan jimmy says:

5 gallons is a small price to pay to run a AC. Get bigger diesel tanks

SV Aqua Bob says:

Love it guys!!

prezo says:

Great video who knew such things existed

willam wallace says:

I checked my YT subs this AM and WOW. There are easy-start clips everywhere. These guys are going nuts with their product…Mostly thanks to a smart couple on some sail boat with only about 200K subs.

over00lord Unknown says:

8:37 Actually, 54 to 16.6 is a 69.26% reduction, but it doesn’t really matter all that much. XD

Coleen West says:

Another great episode. QUESTION – What would it take in terms of total batteries and solar, to accomplish running the AC all night and day? I understand that it is more than you have now, but no one ever actually tells what is needed. Would it take 30 12 batteries and double the solar?? Can you ball park it for me please?

Human Errer says:

You guys kinda rawk! Thanks for all the super-helpful videos! I’m going to be starting my journey to living aboard in a few months, so I’m going to be watching a lot of your videos. I just subbed, and would totally welcome a sub back! (Wink wink, nudge nudge, know what I mean know what I mean!)

Reginald Jenkins says:

Great video, you guys have come a long way!!!!!

Barnaby Jones says:

What about a pump that simply circulates cold ocean water over a heat exchanger and blows that around? The total energy is just for a water pump and blower, no compressor needed.

Michael Schneider says:

what about the motorhome?

armando osorio says:

Buenos dias. Panama tiene 2 climas tropicales para los dias de Diciembre, Enero, Febrero, (verano ) Marzo, Abril, Mayo, Junio, Julio, Agosto, mezcla de verano con lluvias, Septiembre, Octubre, Noviembre (invierno, los dos ultimos mes, se intifican las lluvias).

John Schmidt says:

HAHAHAHA I actually nerded out on that past episode. It what’s got me hooked.

DuffyF56 says:

Starting current of an electric motor is about 6 times the running current for the same motor. That is one reason for soft start technology.

Forbidden Knowledge says:

just sleep naked, problem solved.

Harry Hikage says:

Typical American question

Billyboy says:

Kinda shocked you describe ac how you do.How you describe it in the beginning is Not really at all how ac works,the compressor is a closed Freon system,the air doesn’t have anything to do with it. The air via fan passes over the indoor coil ,that’s where the moisture is pulled from the air and turned in to condensation. But hey what do I know,I have only had my business 25years lol…

Evil Fluff says:

I seen a home built air conditioning for a boat. Get a car heater core a electric water pump and fan and a hose. And build a box for it pull water from around 15 to 20 ft under the boat run the cold water throw the heater core and have the fan blow on the heater core the return hose let it go overboard. And the box have it drain overboard too. If you have a refrigerator that is water cooled use the pump and the inlet put the core between the inlet and the refrigerator.

Bayard Taylor says:

How much was the soft start ?

Todd Waddell says:

I was completely wondering. And absolutely missed that haircut!

Monomorphic says:

If you remove the inefficient alternating current air conditioner and replace it with a native 12V unit such as these, then you will likely be able to run the AC in certain areas indefinitely. They are much more efficient.

Robert Lee says:

It runs through the EVAPORATOR.

David Rogers says:

I can’t say enough good things about Easystart!!!! I put two on my 36 Class A Motorhome last year, and my generator has been VERY HAPPY!!!! Makes starting both units easy and painless. These units should be installed on every unit right from the start!

Benjamin Williams says:

Could you possibly get a smaller AC unit that just cools 1 sleeping cabin?

Perro Oceaniko says:

Well, electrical is my strong point. And this video is very accurate !!
Want to points out that the soft starter is VERY important when you have inverters, but not that much when you run generator or shore power.
When running through inverter IS A MUST ! as you can fry the power electronics

This is not a huge boat neither a small one, personally I would love to have a small (250 lb) generator on board for hundred of reasons.
+ An Emergency and you need all the electrical power available
+ Sometimes you may be in a place where fuel is not expensive and plenty. So you have few very extra-comfortable days ! and very important …
+ A generator can charge your batteries in 30 min or less in case of failure of solar power modules/panels/wiring/etc etc etc

Again, this video from a technnical point of view is very accurate and precise.

christopher kettler says:

Is it wise to start and stop or to run continuesly to keep cool longer

Bill Roberts says:

Really enjoyed your video-Thx!

Orlando Henriquez says:

Megastar el canal I come ustedes difruta la vida

Faye Hyuga says:

Your hair is cute. Don’t cut it

Seb asvertical says:

Americans can not live without air conditioning

over00lord Unknown says:

I mean, you could run it for the first 30 minutes~first hour of the night, to help falling asleep.

John D says:

interesting video. We have a 13,000 btu ac in our motorhome with 30 amp shore power. Wonder why the startup amp draw hasn’t tripped the breaker so far.. knock on wood.

christopher kettler says:

You should add a nice wind turbine for battery charging and maybe a little more battery and 2 more solar panels and you can run that ac 20 hrs a day

Bayard Taylor says:

Were you able to get the easy start and labor all for free for doing a video for advertisement

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