All Alone & They Hit My Sailboat! This is What Happens When We Separate || Sailing Ecuador

We’re still separated. Nikki is all alone on the boat in Ecuador and I’m (Jason) in Dallas, Texas.
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The CRAZINESS continues as we prep for our biggest passage yet: Sailing to French Polynesia. The window installation needs to be finished, we need to get access to our money after the bank froze our accounts along with a host of other sailboat (and land) chores and repairs.

It’s a beast of an episode so make sure you have a drink and snack…and try not to yell expletives at the TV too loud.

Watch the First Half of the story here where we start the sailboat window project and I leave:

Think I’m crazy for sticking with Chase Bank? Read the scoop on Banking here:

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Love from all of us here aboard s/v Curiosity,
– Jason, Nikki, Cleo and Singa

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Scott W says:

You can avoid the IP address issues in the future by using a VPN. I use IP Vanish and it works on IOS, Android, and Windows. No one will ever know where you are. You can make it look like every email and connection comes out of Dallas if you want. They have about 500 servers around the world; just pick the location you want to “appear” to be and you are all set.

It’s also great for watching IP blocked content such as NetFlix when you are abroad.


Icova Rook says:

Tile Grout Sponge, works very well and fast. You drag away the excess as you go. Continually rinsing the sponge, use a large bucket of water. Ask a Tile man. Works with any kind of chalk/sealer/adhesive.

Giles Beckley says:

Another thing you could try when applying the sealant is rather than cut across the applicator tip, cut a v (or bird’s mouth) into it; this allows you to run the tip of the applicator along the surface whilst leaving an inverted v-shaped even bead in your wake. Hopefully this also helps the sealant to spread evenly when pressing in the window into place as you have no distinct high spots or differences in amounts keeping the window from bedding properly.

I am sure someone else will have commented about this – but is the paint there for UV protection of the sealant; much in the same way you get ‘frit’ around the edge of car windows, however this is baked on silicone not paint but I don’t think perspex would stand up to baking! Having had a similar failure on the windows on my boat (it was not that long ago that the last owner redid them), I was considering cutting some black vinyl to apply to the outside when I do the re-fit.

Erica Cutter says:

Nikki you’re such a strong person! I admire your gumption and tenacity.

Thomas Paccione says:

You should have launched a flare at them.

Guy Morrissette says:

Great video.Too bad the flying imbeciles can’t be disposed of easily.

christx771 says:

I’m addicted. Just discovered your channel and subscribed. Beautiful stuff. But, so many questions.

Emily Thomas says:

So weird to see you in Dallas, and grapevine in particular. My parents work at the airport and live in the area so it makes you guys feel more real and relatable.

Monica Blanton says:

Rock on Nikki! Great you got into the dingy and stood your ground. I would have been so pissed. Bunch of idiots for sure. Sorry you had to deal with that

Geoff Gelow says:

Don’t let the low lifes get you down. Things will be better now you two are back together. 🙂

Ralph Mcmullen says:

sorry that happened to your craft. and glad to see my cats are not the only ones to do that when they are happy.

Andrea Lueer says:

This may have been by far my favorite post. Loved seeing Singa. He’s just as much of a talker as my cat. I hold full conversations with mine too.

Kenjikojo Mashi says:

I hate people who have no respect for other peoples property. Glad it wasnt serious damage and hope jason got back with no further delays. Great video. Looking forward to the next one as always.

Constance Condit says:

Suggest you not clean the bottom of your boat alone. Can be dangerous.

ross adamthwaite says:

Jason Has A Hot Mum Woooo 🙂

Sailing SV Angelique of Vancouver says:

Nikki great job getting all those chores done while Jason was dealing with the stupid bank issue…unfortunate that the boat got hit ..only cosmetic which is good.could have been a lot worse…and I agree don’t go snorkeling alone even if it’s just to clean the bottom

guitarslinger4hire says:

Nikki, good job. A little tip….next time work with smaller areas. Lay in the sealant about 18 inches to 2 ft then smooth and work in. Most all sealants/adhesives get a “skin” pretty quick and makes it harder to smooth and wants to stick to the tooling.

best wishes says:

Jet ski people seem to have a need to be seen and just gotta try to show off! They remind me of the political scuum that show up around election time.

andrew says:

You could make Jason buff the scratches

thegreatga says:

I’m not sure what I would have done if someone recklessly hit my sailboat with a jetski, but it probably wouldn’t have been pretty.

Autumn A says:

Man, I’m so frustrated with you, Nikki!!! But I’m just so glad you are okay and Curiosity isn’t extensively damaged.

atta machtnichta says:

and you left Singa anlone on the boat?

melissa weyrick says:

I bank at chase, and it really makes me question their Policies. Far as I know they are not Nation Wide and having to “Pop” into a branch to fix something. NOT! It does give me food for thought regarding when I go Fulltime in an RV.

Andrew Regalado says:

Have you thought of adding kevlar to the inner walls of your boat for some more protection? Keep up with the Spanish. Have you tried the language program by that irish polyglot

Share Bear says:

I really enjoyed this video. The candid kitty scenes were great! Cleo was so aloof, I love her. And Singa is gorgeous.

Paul Quigley says:

Nikki I applaud your initiative in taking on that boat maintenance. Phew, you deserve a good night’s sleep and a nice dinner when Jason makes it back on the boat.

jimmyfly says:

Looks like 10 minutes of practicing with the sealer before going at the window would have done a world of good, huh?

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