Allures 45. The ideal bluewater cruiser?

Yachting Monthly’s Chris Beeson travels to Cherbourg, home of Allures, to test the aluminium Allures 45. Read the full review in the November 2012 issue of Yachting Monthly


Halcyon Yachts - International Yacht Delivery says:

Another great review…

Arik Drucker says:

Very decent yacht. thoughts are whether the keel is lead, iron, and type as others mentioned.
Second is that the performance in my humble opinion is below average. For comparison, our CS30 cruiser/ racer with 5 large Newfoundlanders on it was running a consistent > 7.5 knots on a beam reach in 15-20 knot wind. That’s similar to this yacht. Further, I tend to disagree with the reviewer about it being “fully loaded”. Naval architects and engineers have studied this issue endlessly and essentially result is: in a monohull, increasing displacement by large amounts like over 10% reduces speed by 1-2%, whereas muliihulls are effected in a more 1:1 fashion.
Anyway, I would expect more performance from a boat of this size, especially being aluminum + more stiff, and with the newer form stability form factor … beamier aft section

Dale Buckley says:

With your vast experience and knowledge,what vessel would you recommend ? Oh..36 foot to 42 foot..

onthebeaches1 says:

So, what do you do during imminent weather on a long journey. It would seem you’re exposed with the wheel at the back of the boat. I prefer a center cockpit

honeybees1 says:

I’m a loozzzerrr

speedxdreems says:

” ir rounded up once or twice ” hmmm lets see a few do a full circle and some southern ocean at 5-600000….

jacob juul says:

Fixed keel, analog controls on all sail management and rudder option, fresh water maker system, fuel cleaning system and just 1 steering wheel and this would be my dream world cruiser, i am in love 🙂

daniel kinney says:

Chris you do a wonderful job showing boats

shananagans5 says:

I used to sail back in the 80’s & boat design has come so far since then. All the little details have been thought out & major things like swim steps, running all the lines back to the cockpit and roller furling jibs are standard now. We got a roller furling system around 1982 or 83 & it wasn’t cutting edge but it got attention around the marina. People wanted to see it & ask how we liked it.
No doubt sailing is still work but new designs have added many conveniences & gotten rid of many of the daily hassles. I really like many new boats out nowadays. Hopefully I will be able to eventually get out on the water again.

rocketsocks says:

Does anyone know the make and model of the containers shown at around 3:30? It’s surprisingly hard to search for such things it seems.

Peter & Dawn says:

Very interesting review. Does she have the dingy davits on a separate hinging bar? Can you put a dingy on Her Al Arch davits and still fit an Auto Steering Wind Vane System on her?

barbwirepupp says:

He is hard to understand, sounds like he has cotton balls in his cheeks. Get someone that can speak clearly. . . .

UncleFester84 says:

I would have loved to see a review of the allures 39.9

noylddot says:

What is the headroom down below?

YaniT991 says:

She maybe a step up from a flimsy Med boat but she doesn’t strike me as being that tough. In the Southern Ocean or Tasman sea and waves breaking over the boat, …..I’d sooner be on something else…..

Ariana Gonzalez says:

Good boat but I wouldnt want a keel-less boat in blue water. The danger of knocking down is that much more in a squall. Sure, the owners and designers knew there was a price to pay for being able to beach the boat or make it into shallow waters but personally Its not a price I would be willing to pay for a blue water cruiser. Other than that, fantastic ship.

Lex Luthor says:

I want to be a billionaire. So fucking bad…

James Christopher Oden says:

Making items with a smooth coating, or having them plated, makes the value increase, as well as last longer and resist corrosion of salt and weather elements, as well as makes things like corrosion, or damages easier to discover, when they take place, versus finding out while you may attempt to use it.

LastCynicStanding says:

Can someone explain the dual wheels to me?
Is that just so you can peek over whichever side you are tacking on?

Adam McCurdy says:

The Russel Crowe of boat reviews.

Roger Spinks says:

Trouble with this Allures 45 is she has shallow side boards and she is slow, when doing 7 or 8 knots canted right over with the side board buried and one rudder out of the water, good thing she has two.

pk13910 says:

I’m curious about these yachts. Does having the centerboard instead of a weighted keel make it heel farther?

Dale Buckley says:

I should add..single handed

Kazantje007 says:

I wonder how she handles in “very very bad blue weather”… Would she still be as comfi and proven trustworthy as a long keel or semi longkeel? Witch one would you prefer to be sailing in, in worst case scenarios? Grtz

James Christopher Oden says:

I think the anchor aboard the vessel is unattractive.   Maybe something with a brighter surface is in order.   Usually if you have a piece of equipment that looks and works good, it makes it more valuable to the operator, as well as the way it is taken care of.    I am sure the type metal the anchor is made of is able to be chrome plates, or shined, like other brightwork, that makes it attractive.

tyler b says:

awesome video. i live vicariously through the host

James Christopher Oden says:

A below deck compartment with a window, is a great idea, rare to see on some sailing yachts of which dark compartments may create a vessel health hazard of sea molds, which can grow on ropes, lines and other material and dark, unlit interior compartment surfaces.   Ending the sea mold, and the winner is… a glass doored storage compartment!   Also a great precautionary measure to prevent health ailments on longer journeys.

david pollitt says:

how much

bombingbloke says:

can someone borrow me 200 k?

goph999 says:

Yes I can see that there is a locker there and a bed there. But how about boat? How is it constructed. Rudder, keel and all that?

Werner Rossger says:

All imaginable gear you have at home. This boat is in fact, a swimming home, requiring a lot of maintenance once the guarantee is over. Two wheels are ridiculous, but fit into the “designer fashion” of our times, with those large, unnecessary sterns. 

Filmgear35 Movies says:

…..Terrible sound, great review

Tiberiu Nicolae says:

Good reviews, at least for the few parts when he tries to actually articulate.

philip stevenson says:

4 way

Remskii says:

And she’s only a mil and a half msrp. Negotiable of course…

theboarman says:

what freaks me about the sail boats is the fact how far they go to one side

0wen says:


Marco Nikander says:

I agree with Yani. The boat looks fantastic, and is really roomy, and while I’m definitely no expert, I too have some doubts about how good the boat would be in really rough conditions… The wide beam, shoal draft, flat bottom, and lack of significant lateral area could make things pretty unpleasant if you get into really rough weather, particularly when running downwind…

Mike D says:

Not bad. Way too much heeling and no counter space in the galley. What year did it come out?

ToastandJam52 says:

I liked the review. Got a question: how loud is the engine, especially below deck?

James Christopher Oden says:

The near flush anchor compartment and anchor line and chain, make it a clearer weather deck while moving around attending to running rigging, and mast head lines. while providing dual guiding to below the waterline.

metalmasterscm says:

Try pelican cses or search on ebay for ATA cases. I have one that was a former Mil. Case for my small portable welder.

Sailing S/V Harley Quinn Essex, UK says:

Lovely boat, one of the best in this size range I’ve seen. Think it’s the first time I’ve seen a washing machine on a yacht too lol

Zone Television says:

Dude knows his shit and doesn’t waste time.

pgreenx says:

nice boat – this guy does the best reviews

Pfsif says:


Peter & Dawn says:

Would love to see more comparison versus the Garcia 45… her sister ship? How’s the engine access… eg. change the starter, belts, impeller ok

Peter Hunsader says:

Engine access?

Francis Russo says:

how many gallons can the water tank hold?

matthew kabbash says:

Ok it is official I am addicted

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