Amel 55

Yachting Monthly test the new 55 footer from the French boat builders Amel. Famous for their long distance blue water cruisers, Amel 55 stayed true to their roots for this stylish ketch

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Gaolii says:

Amel could feasibly give the SV Delos owner/ captain a brand new 55, as a trade in for the original … the boat they currently cruise is clearly not only a capable blue water cruiser, but also somewhat famous. Amel taking possession of it would probably ultimately be a revenue positive move. Even the stingiest of yacht builders might like that deal – and captain and crew get a brand new updated boat allowing them to entertain their subscribers for years more reasdonably uninterrupted by any extended refits. Everybody wins. … except me, seething in jealousy.

Lorenzo Tosi says:

Amel, lucky  company, they must make a present to the Delos crew now!

Michael Randold says:

Even if I could afford the 64, I’d rather buy this one. It just feels like home(even on video)..

9thGenerationCajun says:

SV/Delos introduced me to these amazing boats.

Randy DesRosiers says:

Thanks to the SV Delos crew for bring me here. This is the boat for me!

victor van dyke says:

So show us the new boat!

Ken Randall says:

Delos Tribe Member – future AMEL Owner’s Club!

Ken Sherlock says:

Delos brought me to view this awesome yacht, but the presenter was so very good, you can tell he loves Amel

carolina beacher says:

this may be the new sv delos boat, they recently were in france and showed a short clip of an amel 55 as maybe a teaser of whats to come.

Fred Fadungy says:

i think my PTSD would melt on a sail boat.. :-/

Hello hello hello !!!! says:

Delos now makes $45000+ a month. They can easily afford one of these!! Thy are just greedy!!

D Graham says:

Amel should donate this boat to SV Delos, so that they replace their older Amel.

Andrew Parker says:

I’m here solely because of Delos. FYI Amel 🙂

Lorenzo Tosi says:

W Delos

UK Andrew says:

Nice yacht, well presented, hardly a stone unturned.

Distance Shooter says:

AMEL needs to step up and get Delos into a 55.

Thomas Autengruber says:

Sounds like he doesn‘t want to open his mouth to speak, get him some mouthwash and see if it gets better
Very good video otherwise

Patric says:

“They are leather trimmed so it doesnt bang shut or creek” As you walk along the floor and it creeks like mad haha!

Lyle L says:

if amel doesn’t do something with DELOS they are crazy and missing an incredible opertunity.

Marcus W says:

Best around the world boat builder in the world ❤️

AleksandarSilwi says:

So many Delos fans, one more to join here 🙂

Malcolm MacLeod says:

Having done a lot of personal research, the AMEL 55 seems to be the best bet, if cruising the world is
your dream. It does, however, require a lot of seasoned adult involvement. It’s a different, and a better

Jablow Maikok says:

The should call this guy “Mumbles”

Zone Television says:

I love it when he talks about the fiddles.

pk13910 says:

I like that there is a built in stripper pole in the owner’s suite.

Detective Gainz says:

Beautiful boat but on my budget I’m going to be freezing my ass off on an Oceanis.

aboversite says:

Just another Delos fan dropping by. I always liked the center cockpit layout in general. Nice to see a blue water cruiser that isn’t necessarily a full keel boat (or maybe that’s no longer the received wisdom, I haven’t been paying attention).

Ivan Ehtnioj says:

be side SV Delos, this guy is the BEST guy to review ANY boat!!

Sa Bine says:

Another delos fan here researching the amel 55,

Jason Tamplin says:

I love the honest fun commentary. One of the best walkthroughs I’ve seen. None of that music and fly through crap.

Paweł Wardecki says:

Delos style XD

Lyle L says:

I don’t think he is mumbling but I find it so difficult understanding him. I don’t think he opened a his mouth. He talks through his nose. He knows his stuff, I think.

michael d says:

I’ll take one !

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