Analysis of Used Sailboat Asking Prices

Review of the asking price of 17,000 used monohull sailboats 1960-present in the 30 – 60 foot range.


Tony Vink says:

The problem with buying as big as you can afford is that you buy future costs. If the choice is between a 35 ft and a 45ft both in good age and condition, the bigger one is surely going to add a lot of future costs.
It’s lime a poor man winning a sports car, he can’t keep it cos he can’t maintain it.

Marco Burbi says:

Could be interesting seeing the price/ft on different size boat…

Edward Hart says:

The asking price means nothing. Only the sale price has meaning.

justfly2525 says:

5:20 Could the ten year mark be significant because that’s when rigging on a new boat is coming due? Maybe a second rigging depreciation mark isn’t visible father down the chart due to the different ages that people chose to get the rigging done the first time. If true, buying a 10 year old boat with fresh rigging would be where the deal is.

glen pang says:

Fair assesment. 1 year depreciation in a car = 3 years in a sailboat = 8 years depreciation of a house. Keep in mind that A botton job on a 25′ sailboat may cost $1500 – $3000 (if you do most work yourself). A 45′ sailboat bottom job is not double the price, more closer to 4 times the cost. Linear feet vs cubic volume increase. 2.5 gallons of antifoul paint is just barely enough for a 25 footer. 2.5 gallons maybe enough to cover rudder, keel, & a wee bit of the stern on a 45 footer.

Oxnate says:

What about Catamarans?

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