Annapolis Sailboat Show 2018 Overview. What to expect. Lots of Catamaran reviews.

In this episode of Cruising Off Duty, we are taking you on an overview tour of the Annapolis Sailboat Show. If you are interested in getting new gear for your boat, then this is the place to come. Also, it is one of the largest in-water sailboat shows in North America and has a ton of Catamarans to get on and check out.

In the upcoming episodes, we will be getting on many and creating a new episode for each boat. We will film a walking tour of each boat and then give you our opinion of what we liked and didn’t like about each in terms of meeting our needs for a Catamaran to be our future floating home.

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Vernon W says:

Looking forward to the reviews.

BobbieGWhiz says:

Because in most cases, each of the double sinks is too small to hold larger pots, plates, etc. I went from a double to a large single sink and it’s so much better (for me).

S/V Valor says:

How the hell did you get your custom seats before I got mine! I introduced you to Christian for crying out loud! Hey Christian@ SportaSeat, now you know what to get me for Christmas.. I believe we should start discussing royalties eh? HAHA. Anyway, sorry I ditched last minute, we would of had a blast again. Great content and I’m looking forward to the individual reviews .

darrenmoorehead says:

When are you planning to buy?

Roger K. Davis says:

Boat show time at Cruising Off Duty. It’s that special time of year – like Christmas !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓ ⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓⚓

David Butt says:

You might want to downside a bit before you move “all our belongings on board!” Most of us have accumulated way more stuff than we really need….

Dale Archer says:

Hey guys been watching you for awhile now. I also watch Wiley Sharp catameran expert. You should watch his channel. I think he could help you out. Not that you don’t, know your stuff.

Allyn Onderdonk says:

I don’t know if I could even get around on the 39 Lagoon. I always screped down the halls as a bigger guy…. Anyway, looking forward to the next catamaran!

Jetasin says:

What do you think about the Neel trimarans like the 51 ? Would they suit you ?

Simon Hantler says:

good idea one cat per video coming up. why do you need two sinks? one for washing and one for drying?

Marty Jackson says:

Great thing to do at the end of our Canadian sailing season! Shop for a new home.
My season ended last weekend in Wiarton with my Siren and a few cruising buddy’s with there boats.. (It snowed Sat night.. But it was still fun on the water.) Now I’ve got one last boat to put away for the winter.
I hope your winter prep goes well in the new marina.

Uncle Muir says:

Rum storage is very important. Take care.

Phil RIta says:

Thanks for sharing guys. This is more a ‘life’ comment than anything else I guess. I would urge you guys to live your dream as soon as is possible – I know you have ‘5 years’ to retirement but if you can go earlier and have a few bucks less you will NEVER regret it. We were both planning 12 years down the line to ours but decided we had a life to live. Now live on the ocean –
white, sandy beach at the bottom of the garden in NS and live our dream. Have been 10 years ‘off duty’ now, walked away from the big pension after 18 years but haven’t regretted a
So many people plan way down the line and never get to cross it. Sincerely hope you guys
seize the moment. Fair winds, Phil & Rita.

justcruisin109 says:

I really appreciate the effort you go to to share all the catamaran videos with us so thank you very much. Just waiting on the lottery win now 🙂

Kelkschiz says:

Always love watching you Annapolis Sailboat review videos, can’t wait 🙂

Guy Villeneuve says:

Thanks again guys for all the great information…not to be rude but does the boat show also have motor boats or mostly sail boats and catamarans? Thanks again!

Chase Mixon says:

Always fun seeing your videos!

Randy Linn says:

And who is in such a rush to get to your next port?

Jean-Erik Sylvain says:

Good overview! Please it would be interesting if you made a review of the Seawind 1160 and 1260. Thank you!

Robby S says:

It was nice meeting you at the boat show.

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