Best Bluewater Sailboat Under 40 ft: Southerly 38 Boat Tour | Sailing Ruby Rose

Welcome to another Technical Tuesday!

This is a tour of what we think is the best bluewater sailboat under 40ft: a Southerly 38. Yeah, we’re biased!

After putting a poll out on Patreon asking for what you wanted to see, you overwhelmingly chose a boat tour.

We genuinely believe that the Southerly 38 is the best 40 foot (12m) Sailboat in the world. She has full bluewater capabilities, has a proven track record in crossing Oceans easily. Her lifting keel means that she can get into anchorages and areas other boats can only dream of. She is also incredibly well built and after four years of living onboard we still love the quality of the build.

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Philip Freeman says:

Love joy peace wealth & abundance for all , its COMING SOON & its in 5d . Follow the yellow brick road .

google sucks says:

The most amazing boat I’ve ever seen, and I’ve seen a lot! What a portable paradise!

ray Nic says:

I sure do not see a lot of hand holds? two helms? two heads? what about real storage, tankage? Me thinks there is a lot of eye candy here and what about the numbers??? Sorry, still not convinced.

ted renard says:

Hi Nick. I agree with most of what you say, and when you study the design details and standards that Southerlys conform to, they’re better than their famous aluminium French counterparts that can’t classify to RCD offshore requirements even after Jimmy Cornell’s endorsements. However, it always makes me wonder how much designers really understand about the sea when so many boats are built with open racing cockpits, and then as a cruiser you have to spend your ownership period on the boat living under a cockpit tent/sprayhood combo that has to be renewed at astonishing cost every four years. Sailing SV Bora Bora has a decent setup, although it’s an old Van de Stadt Trintel, and the Moody Halberdier is a great one, and, at Southerly end of the budget, the Amels (as per Delos), which have some canvas but a solid sprayhood. There is no way that professional mariners would ever put up with having to operate in exposed conditions without recourse to a sheltered watch position, so why aren’t they included in cruising designs? My own philosophy on cruising is that the boat and gear that’s on it are going to have to keep me going for the longest possible time as I’m usually alone, and they’re going to have to keep functioning, at least at a basic level, when I can’t. One thing that will reduce a humans performance at a staggering speed is cold and exposure, both of which are guaranteed by the inadequate designs of modern sailing cruisers. I’m not sure how we get designers and builders to remedy that, but it certainly comes into play when I look for a boat.

Gary Smith says:

Thanks for the review, we have been sailing a Southerly 110 for the past year and sooo want to get a 38! Great boat, great video’s and a lovely way to forget a stormy evening in Bath!! Keep on sailing ⛵️

John Schmidt says:

Awesome video!! Anyone who says your not real sailors because of a power winch probably do keyboard sailing instead of actual sailing.

Ogie Oglethorpe says:

Beautiful! I like the way you roll

Ian Rix says:

Nice. Oat I want one

William Smith says:

Why do you need two helms?

Ga Wa says:

Thanks for demonstrating the pod swiveling. I was having difficulty visualising that. 😉

leslie maurice says:

nothing wrong with power winches

Pete Carr says:

Hi Nick. I wasn’t sure where to ask this, but as it is about the boat, how do you get on plugging into different output shore power around the world i.e 110v 60Hz in US / 220v 50Hz in Europe.

Josef says:

I wouldn’t have expected less praise for one of the most expensive boats on the market.

ez1913 says:

Thanks for the tour. I watched Sailing Nahoa’s tour of their cat. What are your opinions on catamarans vs monohull? Nahoa’s boat is sooooooo big, for a small cat, much like RubyRose.

Duncan Maxwell says:

This channel has put Northshore/Southerly on my hull watchlist.

Matt Finley says:

I like that you folks are still enthusiastic regarding your Southerly 38. Cheers!

Aaron Kilen says:

I’m curious how the Swing Keel affects your open ocean “bluewater” comfort in higher sea states? I’ve heard a lot against swing keels for world travelers

Bill Campbell says:

DVD’s. What are those, time to down size to a hard drive.

Bailando says:

Bam bam bam! SOLD! To the newbie but serious sailor from Russia! )))

William Collins says:

Hi Nick & Terysa, been a while since I watched your videos, but must say I see a huge difference in a positive way from the small pop up boxes that are really useful to identify small items, but I also think I see another difference in the way you soften your voice with hands emphasis during your presentation, which is all good so please accept this as a compliment from a Scotsman who nobody understands when he is talking, miss the earlier Nick when you dished out comments on Sex & Travel, but times move on, I am learning to be more patient and polite also….. I would tell you a bit about me buying a Hunter 33 then sailing it from Singapore up through Malaysia to Ocean Marina in Thailand with my Thai wife who had never sailed in her nelly puff, but I will save that story, as you never know we might meet up some day, and if we do I will borrow a fiver from a friend and buy you both a beer. Fair winds and all that stuff, keep up the great work… warmest regards, Bill

Adam About says:

Hi there. Love your videos and would love to own a Southerly 38. I am curious to know your thoughts on the Southerly 42 RST (2 cabin version) as it has very similar cabins but gains a larger galley area and a separate shower?

Thompson BMX says:

Whoa, nice fore cabin!

BayAreaBlues says:

I’m with you on the importance of the cockpit, since it really is where sailors want to be most of the time. It drives me crazy looking at boat porn – er, online boat ads – and they show the salon and cabins, but very little about the cockpit and rigging. Thanks for the tour.

Alistair Simmons says:

If I was a gambling man I would guess that she will be on the market soon 🙂

drx1 xym says:

That is one nice 38′ sailboat! Yacht, even!
The aft cabin is sexy!
The fore cabin is beyond infinity! 12:35 You are right, I do not believe it.

With the lifting keel and strong hull, are these boats, “beachable”?

Doug Marder says:

While we have had plenty of opportunities to admire your guru-level boat yoga proficiency (and corresponding autistic-savant profanity), it would have been helpful to include the mechanical space(s). Unlike Ruby Rose, the new Southerly’s and Discovery’s seem to have placed their engine “room” below the salon table.

jjaus says:

I know bugger-all about sailing but a would hand winch do as well to drag something out of the water?

Philippe Daudi says:

I agree very much with you. My problem is that I love the classic boats, like the Sparkman & Stephens Swan!

No Brain says:

i like your boat i always have its very good looking its fantastic comdition, the only petty little bit i don’t like about it is the stearing area i like Delos version i even like the shape if it haha but aprt from that i prefere yours to be honest, i even love the nme of the sign of and i really liked the other starting tone to but this is nice to, oh and i still miss toms moustach 🙂

Truthhandler 1 says:

Been watching a lot of sailboat vids. This is the best under 40 by far IMHO. I don’t like dual helms though.

Casey Matthews says:

I love the phrase “power wench”, and I found myself wondering: How would Terysa respond if you were referring to her as your ‘power winch’…?LOL!

James Day says:

A few months ago I slipped getting down into a tour boat and stretched my arm up over my shoulder. Still painful, particularly raising my arm above shoulder level. Even Nick might need that power winch to get Terysa out of the water on a bad day.

Kevin Walker says:

Fantastic boat, it is exactly how a 40 footer should be. Please don’t sell her and get a cat. Boring. Also, your videos have become so professionally put together. This boat tour seemed so Professionally made. So well done to you both.. Music fantastic and comes on at the right times. Throw out the DVDs and get a big washing machine, no need for DVDs anymore. Lol.. Safe journeys ahead Nick and Terysa.

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