Best Boats 2015 Beneteau Oceanis 35


jono robson says:

what a ponce

r a cooper says:

great insight on the interior, and a great lesson learned about sitting on the beds for size and comfort. I have seen this guy before. He is good in covering all the extra things about a boat we all forget to check when on the boat. You can tell he sails. Good job.

Distance Shooter says:

Not sure if this is true Blue Water boat. Scary window ports in hull. If one blows out in storm you are in trouble.

Mojo522 says:

no privacy with a open floor plan, not that you get a lot but you sound have some.

John Shirley says:

1:11 — okay, then. We’re done here.

r a cooper says:

Sorry—— Charles Doane. Not this guy—– my mistake. Again good job

Eureka A says:

Horrible presentación de un bonito barco. Es insoportable un indivíduo tumbado… si por lo menos fuera Giselle Bunchen…

Beerpig says:

Very nice looking boat

Gerhardus van wilgen says:

How can you take out a bulk head?

TexasBrown713 says:

“which will help you steer this wide ass boat” I like this guy lol

jim smith says:

you might want to actually show the entire boat, or are you to lazy to move?

BlueLineSpeed says:

Who does he think his viewers are, this is the most ridiculous review I think I’ve ever watched.

Quote: “steering this wide “assed” boat when running, on the wind hard”

How about “wide transomed cruiser”? And if you are “hard on the wind” you are beating upwind (or to windward), so how exactly do you sail downwind – “on the wind hard”?

And since when is it acceptable to make a presentation barefoot, lying on a fore peak bed like a Roman aristocrat, why not present the boat to the viewer standing so we can see the headroom? Is it so out of date to wear nice clean pair of deck shoes? (keeping the boat clean is not a valid excuse, have a clean pair for on board). I am shocked that a reputable magazine like “Sail” would allow someone like this to represent their brand.

Sail Magazine, smarten up your image please!

fts726733 says:
Coast Life says:

That looks like a sweet boat!

ken says:

Put some socks on.

blackl1steddrums says:

Can this guy run for president???

davetileguy says:

only need to know one thing, how much?

Emily Dieguez says:

Thanks for posting the review! Great job and keep it up!

radbcc says:

Might want to change the name of your magazine/channel to “Dock”, since every review I have ever seen has been conducted tied to a dock.  For god sakes, get on the friggin water and do a proper review !!!

Nicks says:

I have to agree with BlueLineSpeed, this guy seems like such an arrogant prick. Not the least likeable, nor would I ever trust his “dock-expert”-oppinion on anything boating related. He should review RV’s instead. Chris from Yachting monthly on the other hand. Now that’s a reviewer.

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