Bruce Roberts 55 1983 Sea Dream Sailboat For Sale Video Walkthrough By: Ian Van Tuyl

This video walkthrough of my new listing on the 1983 Bruce Roberts 55 Custom Cutter. The Sailing Yacht is located in San Diego with a transferable slip on Shelter Island. For additional on this sailing yacht please feel free to contact Ian Van Tuyl at any time day or night at
Ian Van Tuyl


Justin Niland says:

Agree with previous comment. Definitely stepped up the post production getting a much better feel of the vessel.

Burlats de Montaigne says:

I really don’t understand why boats of this generation used so much dark, varnished wood below deck. In a confined space you need light coloured surfaces to reflect the light. This boat could do with a complete redesign of the living spaces. It looks cluttered.

Jo Allan says:

that is a proper cruising yacht

ryan000s says:

great work on the video! really stepped it up with the wide angle lens and smooth pans. very nice. hope to see more with this quality! keep up the good work!

Redrooster 61 says:

Excellent narrator n video presentation, cheers Mr. Narrator

FrenchAM100 says:

That is quite a nice boat…

Jack Dawson says:

What would this one go for? Do you have a particular price in mind? To anyone who sees this comment: How much do similar models go for.

marc bixler says:

I wonder how much this boat would sell for?

jordan smith says:

Wow I really like that boat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wave Dancer says:

It is a dream boat! Wonder where it is now ….

The Friendly Dutchman says:

we are looking for a sailing yacht 45-50 foot .

Will Borzatti says:

I have never heard anyone use the word NICE as often as this guy its the same in all his videos I guess he is a NICE guy nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice get a vocabulary that would be NICE

brett farv says:

What’s a boat like this go for?

William Stanley says:

WOW that makes the ketches im looking at look like shanties

chess747 says:

What’s it worth $ please.

Craig Purcell says:

How much does this cost?

Charley Smith says:

Thank for producing such very nice quality YT reference videos. Your yachtworld ads are also fantastic, great photography and plenty of detail. Very nicely done

It amazes me that the majority of vessels costing 100’s of thousands even millions have such poor verbal and written information with low quality badly framed photographs. It’s mind boggling and ultimately frustrating. So yours are a pleasure to come across…………

Anyway keep up the great work.


noylddot says:

What is the headroom down below? In the salon, the galley and in the staterooms.

Jesse F says:

does anyone know which model Bruce Roberts this is? or is it pure custom?

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