Buying Your First Sailboat – Inspecting a Gulf Coast 23

In this video, I inspect a 23 foot Gulf Coast Daysailor.

A great resource is Don Casey’s “This Old Boat”, which can be purchased here:

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Corey Beaty says:

You must live in the land were boats are worth their weight in gold. Oh here on the west coast a trailer sailer of that nature can be had for half that price.

donjvalley says:

Good for you and a Happy New Year!!! I’m trying to do a ‘join-in’ cruise for 4-days/3-nights during April. Temps already in the 90’s, here in Thailand, so it should be a good start for me…..

1miltond says:

Good video I see $2600

Corey Beaty says:

You must live in the land were boats are worth their weight in gold. Oh here on the west coast a trailer sailer of that nature can be had for half that price.

Dougyelnats says:

Loved the “River Dance” deck soft spot testing Happy New Year, Shaun Thanks for the video

Jonathan Landwer says:

Sissors for a sounding tool???!!! No. Get a small ball peen hammer. However, the previous poster is correct. 30′ is too small.
Keep the vids coming. It’s fun to see how all this is coming together. ☺️

J B says:

An Alberg 30 might be another choice of boat. Look up ‘Atomvoyager’ on youtube. He has a series sailing one quite extensively throughout the pacific.

donjvalley says:

Also check out the video “Just Bought a Boat” by Wicked Salty and notice the ‘extended-reach’ hammer that the boat surveyor uses while inspecting the boat…

Kyle Pritchard says:

plastic scissors is a shit way to do that.

donjvalley says:

Very informative !!! It looks like you’re on your way to be a Boat Surveyor, in the future…I agree with your conclusion, as I see better deals on Kijiji — bigger boats, lower price and with a trailer + outboard motor, included !!! 

Danny Bestebreur says:

I dont think that trailer is even road legal.
Anyway did you check the sails aswel? they arent cheap to replace. and the outboard? Mooring lines, did it have an anchor? or a compass? These thing will be expensive to purchase.
This one seems to be very expensive for a boat with hardly any equipment.

Dimitris Tripakis says:

Great video. I want to buy a similar boat but my car is a simple car with forward drive (Chevrolet Lacetti 1400 cc, car weight is 1260 kg = 2781 lb). I suppose I can not put this boat in the water with that car, can I ? So then I also need a truck ? 🙂

Juls Adkins says:

Thank you, this is a great resource.

Chuck Farley says:

Gulf Coast’s, are again, solid glass. There is NO CORING.

I’m looking forward to his next Riverdance too, but I’ll wager that our motivations….diverge there.

Tyler does basketball says:

hi i’m tyler i know you’ll probably never see this but it’s my dream to own a sailboat would you mind helping me find a fixer upper for around $400-$500?

offplanetevent says:

You need to look at 30 foot or more, you won’t find what you’re looking for under 30 feet.

big ed says:

just discovered your channel. really enjoying these used boat videos. but which one did you buy?

J B says:

Shaun, great series of videos. I believe that handle at the cracked fiberglass is the down lock pin for the keel. There is a similar set up on my Cal 21. Just aft and a little lower than the pin looks to be the pivot for the keel.

lockhamj says:

Thanks for video, didn’t think to look for under plates or cap ratio

Tim O'Brien says:

Sitting on the trailer it doesn’t look like the draft is 3.7′.. Looks more like 1′-1.5’… l didn’t like the self draining cockpit arrangement..
Boat is way over priced..

Jonathan Landwer says:

What HR? Did you review a Hallberg-Rassy? Did you post it? Or did you mean that Hinterholler?

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