Buying Your First Sailboat – Inspecting an S2 8.0B

In this video, I inspect an S2 8.0B sailboat.

A great resource is Don Casey’s “This Old Boat”, which can be purchased here:

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Champion Blue says:

why do you do the tapping?

Bob Fomenko says:

you can’t inspect nuthn in the dark. Having higher SA/D ratio is good, not a bad point. You can ALWAYS reduce sail area by reefing, its a lot harder to increase sail area. Since your looking at small trailerable boats, I doubt you will find any with a high D/L ratio. These boats are made to trailer. They are not heavy displacement cruising boats. A Nor’sea 27, a Baba 30, or a Pacific Seacraft 27 Orion should be what your looking for. But at 5 to 8 times the prices of those boats. All older boats need work. Unless you can find one the owner just refitted, then you will pay a premium for it. For a first boat, the first one wasn’t to bad. seacocks are easy to change, and soft spots on the deck not to hard either. The price was good.
fair winds.

donjvalley says:

I also learned about a book “Voyaging on a small income” by Annie Hill, can’t wait to read and see how she says you can ‘cruise’ on just $15-30.00 per month!!! She and her husband built boats and have ‘circumnavigated’ the globe….Keep me posted, I notice a lot of attractive boats in Canada and USA, they are too expensive here in Thailand….

Homonym Antonym says:

Took me a few seconds to figure out what that intro music is, what is it being played on?  Sounds like a cross between a toy piano and a harpsichord, lol.  I like it.

Thanks for the videos, this is very helpful.

Subjectivity101 says:

What can you do about soft spots on the deck?

Dougyelnats says:

another great video, Thank You.

Sailing Southern Cross says:

Great video! I had high hopes in the begining, It was a good looking boat compared to the last one! and thanks again for the advice on the rudder

Howard Johnson says:

Yep, diesel oil is always black.

Scott Smith says:

How could I learn more about the specs you mentioned at the end of the video and why they are important? – I was with you until you went there. 🙂

DocRox says:

Diesel oil will always look black, for $20 you can get it tested & it will analize excess metals, soot, antifreze…etc…
I have a 14 hp kubota 2 cylinder with 21,000 hrs that still runs great…. On my list diesel would always be preferred aboard just for the lowered volatility of the fuel.
Great series…

Video drone says:

Wooden cradle worth $7500 easy.

Troy Reynolds says:

Yes, l think all of them came with carpet. Mine came with light tan carpet.

Troy Reynolds says:

I have a S 2 22 with a wing klll, and that interior carpet on the walls is a mold magnet. Any suggestions on how to get rid of it.

DocRox says:

Btw I have converted several diesels to run off waste fryer oil & operate for pennies on the gallon… Google WVO…

donjvalley says:

Thanks for sharing but looking forward to the next boat — perhaps it will have more headroom, too……

05Cat28 says:

Don’t discount the Catalina 27. Thousands of them out there for good reason and very reasonably priced, 2 great layouts and in your price range. Diesel or outboard. They sail well solo and parts are still readily available new and used. Lots of info on the web. They will get you to the Keys easily via the ICW. Also a good used market if and when you want to trade up. S2s are good boats but the chainplates and rudder look bad on that one. 

Titus Tiger says:

thought you were going to name your boat after your dog

Lazy Jacques says:

You know boats, so I’m curious why you said this boat had a transom-hung rudder… I guess you mis-spoke, because, for people new to boats, I want to point out that this boat has a “spade” rudder hung under the stern from a tube that goes up through the boat. When you think of a transom-hung rudder, imagine it pinned on the transom (the part closing off the aft end of the boat) with pintles and gudgeons (hinges), dinghy-style, with the tiller attached at the top, and which swings it like a door on hinges. It’s a completely different steering system. A good example is any early J-boat, like the J-24, J-29, etc. Similarly, “classic” ocean boats like the Bristol Channel Cutter or the Westsail 32 sport transom-hung rudders. Otherwise, good vids.

matthew e says:

enjoyed watching your search so far!. S2’s can be nice boats… but they kinda lack character imo. also not a fan of the high freeboard/windage. the wall fabric for me would be a no… great for showing leaks as you pointed out… but can hide issues as well. if you’re prone to allergies… it can be a real pain (mold). would have been curious to see what was under those plates on the main bulkhead for the chainplates.. 

Ted Fryman says:

What happened to the Bayfield 25 inspection/walkthrough?

donjvalley says:

Check out DrakeParagon’s Real Cruising Life set of videos!!! Watch: Season2 first, about his harrowing journey in a Westsail 42, from New York to Bermuda. He hears a ‘Pan Pan’ call about 175 miles from Bermuda and tries towing a 52-ft boat and both end up in a ‘head-on’ collision with damage…..Then, Watch: Season1, his extended-stay on the ‘hard’ at Sailcraft’s Service Yard in Oriental, North Carolina for repairs….The videos and advice of Mark, the ‘rigging expert’ are priceless!!! Mark says,” if you’re not willing to have some tools, onboard, and ready to learn how to use them and get your hands dirty while learning basic maintenance and repairs — then you have NO BUSINESS sailing offshore !!!

mark r says:

Too bad it was twilight.

Elisa Sagramoso says:

I would only suggest you to make inspections of a boat during the day …… I have the impression that some little light helps to see details …..
At least this is what we do in Italy so far .
Buon vento

Monkeyman x11 says:


Vagabond Phil says:

I think u should look for on at least 32′ or more. My Vagabond is 35′ and the cabin has well over 6′, I think 6′ 9″. I just moved aboard full time and will be setting sail end of Feb. 2015. There is so much to get squared away I think I will be working on it for a year or so before I get everything smoothly in place and working. Good luck on your search, I wish u the best. 

Todd Clark says:

My family had this same boat but with outboard.

raziecool says:

You should think about hiring a surveyor.

Globe's Mine says:

What a great review/survey of a boat! Thanks for sharing. I’m in the process of buying a boat and have been surveying boats lately. Your inspection seems informal yet thorough 🙂 Pretty sure I’m already subscribed. Lol

RealityIsTheNow says:

Diesel engine oil is always black. Nature of diesel engines.

itsamikething says:

I am 6’5, and all I want in this world is a sailboat. It’s going to cost me at least 30k just to semi fit in one. I am not jealous at all. Nope not me. All those beautiful 10k boats that I might as well cut my legs off if I want to own one. Nope not jealous. Not me.

donjvalley says:

All the cold weather in the USA northeast and your area hasn’t been too conducive to surveying/buying boats….I just learned about the Ocean Cruising Club ( from Drake Paragon — Full Membership requires a 1,000-mile ‘non-stop’ passage and I immediately thought of you as people can qualify as a Crew Member, you don’t have to own your own boat!!! You probably already knew that but I haven’t forgotten you….Also enjoying videos by ‘Sail Life’ and ‘Life is like Sailing’….BTW it is 33-degrees C for the daytime high, here in Bangkok…..  

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